Suicidal Turkey’s Syrian Adventure

On Saturday, 30 May 2015 Recep Tayyip Erdoğan conquered Istanbul. The Turkish president, his entourage and large crowds came together for a “glorious” conquest (fetih) festival to celebrate the 562nd anniversary of the Ottoman takeover of Constantinople in 1453 CE.”

With the able assistance of the United States and NATO, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has transformed Ataturk’s forward looking, secular nation, into a dangerous pit of vipers.

Why would Turkey invade Syria?

The Caliph-003Erdogan’s Bait and Switch in Northern Syria

Suicidal Turkey


Why do we do this? Is it that we like to torture ourselves? Is it that we like pain? Are we masochists who strive for sorrow, pain, humiliation, destruction, poverty, violence and death? Do we have such low self-esteem that whenever we are near to some form of happiness, we sabotage ourselves?

Why on earth do we love lies and lying politicians so much? Why do we credit hypocrisy so much? Why are we so attached to power, our positions, seats and political supremacy that we miss the essentials? Is it a disorder that goes back to the Ottoman times when the sultan was always right?

Are we not able to see what “the state” is actually doing? We have been indoctrinated, since our childhood, to worship our state, its inseparable integrity and we grew up to be ready to sacrifice our lives in order not to give one inch of the homeland… Do we see now, how this thinking brought us to these days?

Why are we so dumb and why is the state so wrong?

Alhamdulillah (an Arabic phrase meaning “All praise be to God”), we are all Muslims. Well, there are other religions on this earth also. There are atheists who we hate the most. If we are able to say “Alhamdulillah, we are Muslims,” then another person should be able to say, “Alhamdulillah, I am …” It shows the content with our belief, just like a Muslim or any other faith.

Alhamdulillah, I was born a Muslim but I am not so sure what I am now…

Alhamdulillah, to that as well.

Why is our religion so horrific now? Why don’t we – the modern Turks –not practice it? Is there something in this religion or, more precisely, is there something wrong in the practice of this religion that it looks less and less like a religion?

Religion is for love, unity, better lives, peace, good deeds, etc. And the practice of my religion is like anti-religion. I hate what I see as Muslim all around me. Why?

There is so much negativity, evil, stupidity, stubbornness, pain, death, bombs and bad decisions all around us that one wants to change everything, quit…

Turkey is suicidal these days; it is going through a self-destructing atmosphere. Our religion, our social values, nationality, fraternity, love for life, wisdom, democracy, our parliamentarian system, the state, justice, security are all shattered to pieces, with an economic crisis knocking at the door. One man’s ambition is pushing us to total disaster and we are all running toward the edge of the cliff.

We will jump all together.

Terror is back. It is here once again, with killings, fights, clashes and the gunning down of people on the streets, on the mountains, on rural roads.

All of this is a repeating nightmare; we have seen this before. We are back to square one after tens of thousands of deaths, much pain and sorrow, with unmeasurable economic and spiritual destruction.

With so many horrible things, unimaginably evil things happening right south of our borders, we look very calm. We are discussing other things here, on this side of the border. It is like the Byzantium clergy who were discussing the gender of angels while the city was falling in 1453.

Is there a world police we can call? “You guys are wiser than us! Help! Do something…”

We enjoyed a short peace and now both sides are searching for a solution through military means. That’s why we are suicidal. Have we not learned for years that fighting, violence, bombing, ambushing, terrorizing have not helped solve the problem a bit. After so many years, we are back to the beginning, with politicians acting irresponsibly, voters acting foolishly, extremes on both sides drooling gleefully in the deteriorating atmosphere…

Let us see whether we show, as a nation, the symptoms of suicide. Here are the warning signs:

•    Talking about suicide: Check.

•    Amassing the means to take your own life, like buying a gun or stockpiling pills:  Oh, yes, we are doing that.

•    Withdrawing from social contact and wanting to be left alone: That surely goes for us, with our very successful foreign policy.

•    Having mood swings; emotionally high one day and deeply discouraged the next: Oh yes.

•    Being preoccupied with death, dying or violence: This can’t be truer for us.

•    Feeling trapped or hopeless about a situation: A big check.

And so on…

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    The Media and political whores that dominate the non-culture of Post-America have addled the tiny little minds of the population.  They paint a picture of a nation that worships the bestial oligarchy that has ruled for decades, and if the boors that infest the “Social-Media” are to be believed, it may be true.

     The barely literate 2016 candidates are promising open borders, lower wages, higher cost of living and less education…… and the suicidal peasantry loves it. “Kick us in the teeth oh’ masters, make us roll in the mud like pigs!”


By Frosty Wooldridge
July – 2015

Part 2: Washington’s elite radically changing America’s racial and religious fabric, destroying American culture in the name of multiculturalism, violent change agents, USA becoming a third world hellhole.

President Teddy Roosevelt stated the most important fact for America’s future: “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, or preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

U.S. Senator Teddy Kennedy authored the downfall of the United States of America with his “Immigration Reform Act of 1965.” As a college kid, I remember Howard Metzenbaum stating, “Let the flood gates open.” And they opened wide! The current president opened those floodgates to further Muslim immigration, which already resulted in 9/11, Fort Dix Six, Fort Hood, Boston Marathon bombings, Chattanooga Naval Base and more to come. Muslim immigrants constitute violent change-agents among us, and growing.

In the past 50 years, over 100,000,000 (million) people careened into America from every sector of the globe. Starving, desperate and hopeless people poured legally over our borders to explode our country from 194 million to its current bulging 321 million. (Note: estimates range from 12 to 31 million illegal immigrants walked into America in violation of our laws and still reside here because Congress refuses to take any punitive action.) Demographers project us to hit 438 million within 35 years. Most of it via legal immigration. That’s not counting illegal immigration, which threatens to add 40-50 million people on top of that.

Ironically, the third world continues adding 80 million babies, net gain, annually, as if they carry no responsibility for their own dilemma. Yet, they yearn for a better life in America. Thus, America absorbs millions of immigrants from a line that grows by 80 million annually, and 1 billion, net gain, every 12 years.

The “Prime Directives” from On High

“First of all, as I am suggesting, I truly believe that the interlocking elites in Washington and on Wall Street think that this country actually belongs to them and not to its citizens,” said Warren. “Nothing about our present predicament, BTW, can be understood without this fundamental insight about who is actually running things in this country. Forget the civics class model of how our government works. To the extent that the formal process is still observed, it is mostly window dressing*. Therefore, they are free to conduct whatever “experiments” with our nation — such as open borders and multiculturalism — that they please, however detrimental to the lives of average citizens this may be.”

* Look, for example, at how election campaigns — thanks to the Citizens United decision — are now funded!

Warren continued, “As Chuck Harder used to say, no cab driver in the Bronx [back in the day when “regular” Americans, including, emphatically, black people, still drove cabs,] ever agitated for throwing open the borders of the country or doing away with the country’s existing culture. Likewise NAFTA and the TPP. These are constructs of the reigning elites, and they are not widely supported “popular causes” that came bubbling up from the grass roots. Nonetheless, they are the effective law of the land; indeed, the implementation of these programs is truly the “Prime Directive” of the people who actually run this nation, no matter what they may say in public about their vision of a future America.

“Hillary Clinton, under pressure from Bernie Sanders and other traditional progressives, is now talking about how she wants to “help” the American middle class, but she is all in with every action — from open borders to the TPP — that will make it harder and harder for average working citizens to find and keep decent paying jobs. Indeed, she is the archetype of the elitist mandarin class of American politicians who are totally committed to “changing” this country into their version of utopia, even if 99% of the population does not want such a change. Congress, in particular, never fails to consistently advance the agendas of the elites [Boys and girls, can you all say “comprehensive immigration reform”?] all the while cloaking their actions in patriotic sounding doublespeak.”

Immigrants as Change Agents for Creating a “New America”

“If open borders and unlimited immigration are two of the “prime directives” of the ruling class in America, then everything that we are seeing falls perfectly into place,” said Warren. “No matter that most citizens of this country want nothing to do with such ideas, these are the very policies that “our” leaders are now pursuing at all cost.”

But at no effective cost, of course, to the elite class. Costs are to be borne by the little people.

“As I observed in my earlier email, flooding the country with immigrants — legal and otherwise — is perhaps the most effective way possible to impose radical social changes on an unwilling / uncomprehending populace,” said Warren. “That such actions are “un-American” goes without saying, likewise they are antithetical to the founding impetus of this nation and its system of popular government**, but when we have a Congress (and a White House) that is “of the 1%. by the 1%, and for the 1%,” who is willing to speak out against them?”

** these are, again, the points made by Mr. Huntington in his all but unknown book length treatment of this subject. Samuel P. Huntington’s prescient book, Who Are We? The Challenges to American Identity (2004)

“Under the current wave of immigration, the country is being radically changed, exactly along the lines that the ruling elites have determined is needed to “fix” our outmoded and “obsolete” republic***,” said Warren. “More to the point, if “The Powers That Be” have determined that the traditional American culture / ethos cannot be supplanted directly through the existing institutions of government [although SCOTUS seems to be doing a pretty fair job of it], then changing the nature of the citizenry itself — along with its cultural referents and its fundamental allegiances.”

*** As famously observed by a member of the Clinton Administration. Nonetheless, the idea that the traditional concept of the United States — with its borders and culture — has become functionally obsolete continues to be seriously promoted — does anyone remember the North American Union — by the spokespersons for the elites. For effective rebuttals to this kind of thinking, see Sam Francis’ commentary in Abolishing America (contd.): Establishment Sages Say Nation Obsolete – The Unz Review and Michael Lind in Are the American people obsolete? –

As you can see, Warren understands Washington’s elites; including your U.S. Senators and House reps. They collude to ambush America away from Americans, i.e., you and your children. When you think about the next 100 million legal immigrants think about Teddy Roosevelt’s statement…. “or preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

Definition of slogan: “Immigration Shutdown Now means the American people want all legal immigration dropped to less than 10,000 annually with compatible immigrants that fit our ethos and want to become Americans, and only those who benefit our country and/or they marry an American and speak English. That means we want all illegal immigration stopped by arresting, prosecuting and jailing employers of illegal aliens. We deport all illegal aliens by taking their jobs away and as we catch them. We want English mandated as our national language. We demand a cessation of Muslim immigration in order to protect our culture, language and way of life. We can’t save the world but we can destroy our civilization. We demand a stable population that allows everyone to live, work and thrive into the 21st century. Especially our children.” FHW

That’s why you need to take action. Send this series to everyone in your network. Educate them. Urge them to take action by joining these websites to become faxers of prewritten letters and phone callers. We must force Congress into an “Immigration Shutdown Now!

Distress Flag

© 2015 Frosty Wooldridge – All Rights Reserved

Frosty Wooldridge possesses a unique view of the world, cultures and families in that he has bicycled around the globe 100,000 miles, on six continents and six times across the United States in the past 30 years. His published books include: “HANDBOOK FOR TOURING BICYCLISTS”; “STRIKE THREE! TAKE YOUR BASE”; “IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES”; “MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE TO ALASKA: INTO THE WIND—A TEEN NOVEL”; “BICYCLING AROUND THE WORLD: TIRE TRACKS FOR YOUR IMAGINATION”; “AN EXTREME ENCOUNTER: ANTARCTICA.” His next book: “TILTING THE STATUE OF LIBERTY INTO A SWAMP.” He lives in Denver, Colorado.




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Freedom or the Slaughterhouse?

“If Post-Americans ever removed their Seroquel infused spectacles, their emerald cities would fade into the drab, soylent green of reality.”

Freedom or the Slaughterhouse? The American Police State from A to Z

By John W. Whitehead
July 14, 2015

“Who needs direct repression when one can convince the chicken to walk freely into the slaughterhouse?”—Philosopher Slavoj Žižek

Despite the best efforts of some to sound the alarm, the nation is being locked down into a militarized, mechanized, hypersensitive, legalistic, self-righteous, goose-stepping antithesis of every principle upon which this nation was founded.

All the while, the nation’s citizens seem content to buy into a carefully constructed, benevolent vision of life in America that bears little resemblance to the gritty, pain-etched reality that plagues those unfortunate enough to not belong to the rarefied elite.

For those whose minds have been short-circuited into believing the candy-coated propaganda peddled by the politicians, here is an A-to-Z, back-to-the-basics primer of what life in the United States of America is really all about.

Everything you need to know about the  Slaughterhouse…. just click on the graphic below

A-Z Police State Click Here

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Justice in America is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Paul Craig Roberts: The Eroding Character Of The American People

Boston Tyranny-003The Eroding Character of the American People

Paul Craig Roberts

How can the life of such a man
Be in the palm of some fool’s hand?
To see him obviously framed
Couldn’t help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land
Where justice is a game
.—Bob Dylan, “Hurricane”

Attorney John W. Whitehead opens a recent posting (see below) on his Rutherford Institute website with these words from a song by Bob Dylan. Why don’t all of us feel ashamed? Why only Bob Dylan?

I wonder how many of Bob Dylan’s fans understand what he is telling them. American justice has nothing to do with innocence or guilt. It only has to do with the prosecutor’s conviction rate, which builds his political career. Considering the gullibility of the American people, American jurors are the last people to whom an innocent defendant should trust his fate. The jury will betray the innocent almost every time.

As Lawrence Stratton and I show in our book (2000, 2008) there is no justice in America. We titled our book, “How the Law Was Lost.” It is a description of how the protective features in law that made law a shield of the innocent was transformed over time into a weapon in the hands of the government, a weapon used against the people. The loss of law as a shield occurred prior to 9/11, which “our representative government” used to construct a police state.

The marketing department of our publisher did not appreciate our title and instead came up with “The Tyranny of Good Intentions.” We asked what this title meant. The marketing department answered that we showed that the war on crime, which gave us the abuses of RICO, the war on child abusers, which gave us show trials of total innocents that bested Joseph Stalin’s show trials of the heroes of the Bolshevik Revolution, and the war on drugs, which gave “Freedom and Democracy America” broken families and by far the highest incarceration rate in the world all resulted from good intentions to combat crime, to combat drugs, and to combat child abuse. The publisher’s title apparently succeeded, because 15 years later the book is still in print. It has sold enough copies over these years that, had the sales occurred upon publication would have made the book a “best seller.” The book, had it been a best seller, would have gained more attention, and perhaps law schools and bar associations could have used it to hold the police state at bay.

Boston Martial Law cropped-publishWhitehead documents how hard a not guilty verdict is to come by for an innocent defendant. Even if the falsely accused defendant and his attorney survive the prosecutor’s pressure to negotiate a plea bargain and arrive at a trial, they are confronted with jurors who are unable to doubt prosecutors, police, or witnesses paid to lie against the innocent defendant. Jurors even convicted the few survivors of the Clinton regime’s assault on the Branch Davidians of Waco, the few who were not gassed, shot, or burned to death by US federal forces. This religious sect was demonized by Washington and the presstitute media as child abusers who were manufacturing automatic weapons while they raped children. The charges proved to be false, like Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction,” and so forth, but only after all of the innocents were dead or in prison.

The question is: why do Americans not only sit silently while the lives of innocents are destroyed, but also actually support the destruction of the lives of innocents? Why do Americans believe “official sources” despite the proven fact that “official sources” lie repeatedly and never tell the truth?

The only conclusion that one can come to is that the American people have failed. We have failed Justice. We have failed Mercy. We have failed the US Constitution. We have failed Truth. We have failed Democracy and representative government. We have failed ourselves and humanity. We have failed the confidence that our Founding Fathers put in us. We have failed God. If we ever had the character that we are told we had, we have obviously lost it. Little, if anything, remains of the “American character.”

Was the American character present in the torture prisons of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, and hidden CIA torture dungeons where US military and CIA personnel provided photographic evidence of their delight in torturing and abusing prisoners? Official reports have concluded that along with torture went rape, sodomy, and murder. All of this was presided over by American psychologists with Ph.D. degrees.

We see the same inhumanity in the American police who respond to women children, the elderly, the physically and mentally handicapped, with gratuitous violence. For no reason whatsoever, police murder, taser, beat, and abuse US citizens. Every day there are more reports, and despite the reports the violence goes on and on and on. Clearly, the police enjoy inflicting pain and death on citizens whom the police are supposed to serve and protect. There have always been bullies in the police force, but the wanton police violence of our time indicates a complete collapse of the American character.

The failure of the American character has had tremendous and disastrous consequences for ourselves and for the world. At home Americans have a police state in which all Constitutional protections have vanished. Abroad, Iraq and Libya, two formerly prosperous countries, have been destroyed. Libya no longer exists as a country. One million dead Iraqis, four million displaced abroad, hundreds of thousands of orphans and birth defects from the American ordnance, and continuing ongoing violence from factions fighting over the remains. These facts are incontestable. Yet the United States Government claims to have brought “freedom and democracy” to Iraq. “Mission accomplished,” declared one of the mass murderers of the 21st century, George W. Bush.

Boston-martial-law-004The question is: how can the US government make such an obviously false outrageous claim without being shouted down by the rest of the world and by its own population? Is the answer that good character has disappeared from the world?

Or is the rest of the world too afraid to protest? Washington can force supposedly sovereign countries to acquiesce to its will or be cut off from the international payments mechanism that Washington controls, and/or be sanctioned, and/or be bombed, droned, or invaded, and/or be assassinated or overthrown in a coup. On the entire planet Earth there are only two countries capable of standing up to Washington, Russia and China, and neither wants to stand up if they can avoid it.

For whatever the reasons, not only Americans but most of the world as well accommodate Washington’s evil and are thereby complicit in the evil. Those humans with a moral conscience are gradually being positioned by Washington and London as “domestic extremists” who might have to be rounded up and placed in detention centers. Examine the recent statements by General Wesley Clark and British Prime Minister Cameron and remember Janet Napolitano’s statement that the Department of Homeland Security has shifted its focus from terrorists to domestic extremists, an undefined and open-ended term.

Americans with good character are being maneuvered into a position of helplessness. As John Whitehead makes clear, the American people cannot even prevent “their police,” paid by their tax payments, from murdering 3 Americans each day, and this is only the officially reported murders. The actual account is likely higher.

What Whitehead describes and what I have noticed for many years is that the American people have lost, in addition to their own sense of truth and falsity, any sense of mercy and justice for other peoples. Americans accept no sense of responsibility for the millions of peoples that Washington has exterminated over the past two decades dating back to the second term of Clinton. Every one of the millions of deaths is based on a Washington lie.

When Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, was asked if the Clinton’s regime’s sanctions, which had claimed the lives of 500,000 Iraqi children, were justified, she obviously expected no outrage from the American people when she replied in the affirmative.

Americans need to face the facts. The loss of character means the loss of liberty and the transformation of government into a criminal enterprise.

The American Nightmare: The Tyranny of the Criminal Justice System

John W. Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute
July 22, 2015

Justice in America is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Just ask Jeffrey Deskovic, who spent 16 years in prison for a rape and murder he did not commit. Despite the fact that Deskovic’s DNA did not match what was found at the murder scene, he was singled out by police as a suspect because he wept at the victim’s funeral (he was 16 years old at the time), then badgered over the course of two months into confessing his guilt. He was eventually paid $6.5 million in reparation.

James Bain spent 35 years in prison for the kidnapping and rape of a 9-year-old boy, but he too was innocent of the crime. Despite the fact that the prosecutor’s case was flimsy—it hinged on the similarity of Bain’s first name to the rapist’s, Bain’s ownership of a red motorcycle, and a misidentification of Bain in a lineup by a hysterical 9-year-old boy—Bain was sentenced to life in prison. He was finally freed after DNA testing proved his innocence, and was paid $1.7 million.

Mark Weiner got off relatively easy when you compare his experience to the thousands of individuals who are spending lifetimes behind bars for crimes they did not commit.Weiner was wrongfully arrested, convicted, and jailed for more than two years for a crime he too did not commit. In his case, a young woman claimed Weiner had abducted her, knocked her out and then sent taunting text messages to her boyfriend about his plans to rape her. Despite the fact that cell phone signals, eyewitness accounts and expert testimony indicated the young woman had fabricated the entire incident, the prosecutor and judge repeatedly rejected any evidence contradicting the woman’s far-fetched account, sentencing Weiner to eight more years in jail. Weiner was only released after his accuser was caught selling cocaine to undercover cops.

In the meantime, Weiner lost his job, his home, and his savings, and time with his wife and young son. As Slate reporter journalist Dahlia Lithwick warned, “If anyone suggests that the fact that Mark Weiner was released this week means ‘the system works,’ I fear that I will have to punch him in the neck. Because at every single turn, the system that should have worked to consider proof of Weiner’s innocence failed him.”

The system that should have worked didn’t, because the system is broken, almost beyond repair.

In courtroom thrillers like 12 Angry Men and To Kill a Mockingbird, justice is served in the end because someone—whether it’s Juror #8 or Atticus Finch—chooses to stand on principle and challenge wrongdoing, and truth wins.

Unfortunately, in the real world, justice is harder to come by, fairness is almost unheard of, and truth rarely wins.

On paper, you may be innocent until proven guilty, but in actuality, you’ve already been tried, found guilty and convicted by police officers, prosecutors and judges long before you ever appear in a courtroom. Chronic injustice has turned the American dream into a nightmare. At every step along the way, whether it’s encounters with the police, dealings with prosecutors, hearings in court before judges and juries, or jail terms in one of the nation’s many prisons, the system is riddled with corruption, abuse and an appalling disregard for the rights of the citizenry.

Due process rights afforded to a person accused of a crime—the right to remain silent, the right to be informed of the charges against you, the right to representation by counsel, the right to a fair trial, the right to a speedy trial, the right to prove your innocence with witnesses and evidence, the right to a reasonable bail, the right to not languish in jail before being tried, the right to confront your accusers, etc.—mean nothing when the government is allowed to sidestep those safeguards against abuse whenever convenient.

It’s telling that while President Obama said all the right things about the broken state of our criminal justice system—that we jail too many Americans for nonviolent crimes (we make up 5 percent of the world’s population, but our prison population constitutes nearly 25% of the world’s prisoners), that we spend more money on incarceration than any other nation ($80 billion a year), that we sentence people for longer jail terms than their crimes merit, that our criminal justice system is far from color-blind, that the nation’s school-to-prison pipeline is contributing to overcrowded jails, and that we need to focus on rehabilitation of criminals rather than retribution—he failed to own up to the government’s major role in contributing to this injustice in America.

Indeed, while Obama placed the responsibility for reform squarely in the hands of prosecutors, judges and police, he failed to acknowledge that they bear the burden of our failed justice system, along with the legislatures and corporations who have worked with them to create an environment that is hostile to the rights of the accused.

In such a climate, we are all the accused, the guilty and the suspect. As I document in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we’re operating in a new paradigm where the citizenry are presumed guilty and treated as suspects, our movements tracked, our communications monitored, our property seized and searched, our bodily integrity disregarded, and our inalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” rendered insignificant when measured against the government’s priorities.

Every American is now in jeopardy of being targeted and punished for a crime he did not commit thanks to an overabundance of arcane laws. Making matters worse, by allowing government agents to operate above the law, immune from wrongdoing, we have created a situation in which the law is one-sided and top-down, used as a hammer to oppress the populace, while useless in protecting us against government abuse.

Add to the mix a profit-driven system of incarceration in which state and federal governments agree to keep the jails full in exchange for having private corporations run the prisons, and you will find the only word to describe such a state of abject corruption is “evil.”

How else do you explain a system that allows police officers to shoot first and ask questions later, without any real consequences for their misdeeds? Despite the initial outcry over the shootings of unarmed individuals in Ferguson and Baltimore, the pace of police shootings has yet to slow.

For those who survive an encounter with the police only to end up on the inside of a jail cell, waiting for a “fair and speedy trial,” it’s often a long wait. Consider that 60 percent of the people in the nation’s jails have yet to be convicted of a crime. There are 2.3 million people in jails or prisons in America. Those who can’t afford bail, “some of them innocent, most of them nonviolent and a vast majority of them impoverished,” will spend about four months in jail before they even get a trial.

Not even that promised “day in court” is a guarantee that justice will be served.

As Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals points out, there are an endless number of factors that can render an innocent man or woman a criminal and caged for life: unreliable eyewitnesses, fallible forensic evidence, flawed memories, coerced confessions, harsh interrogation tactics, uninformed jurors, prosecutorial misconduct, falsified evidence, and overly harsh sentences, to name just a few.

In early 2015, the Justice Department and FBI “formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period…. The admissions mark a watershed in one of the country’s largest forensic scandals, highlighting the failure of the nation’s courts for decades to keep bogus scientific information from juries, legal analysts said.”

“How do rogue forensic scientists and other bad cops thrive in our criminal justice system?” asks Judge Kozinski. “The simple answer is that some prosecutors turn a blind eye to such misconduct because they’re more interested in gaining a conviction than achieving a just result.”

The power of prosecutors is not to be underestimated. Increasingly, when we talk about innocent people being jailed for crimes they did not commit, the prosecutor plays a critical role in bringing about that injustice. As The Washington Post reports, “Prosecutors win 95 percent of their cases, 90 percent of them without ever having to go to trial…. Are American prosecutors that much better? No… it is because of the plea bargain, a system of bullying and intimidation by government lawyers for which they ‘would be disbarred in most other serious countries….’”

This phenomenon of innocent people pleading guilty makes a mockery of everything the criminal justice system is supposed to stand for: fairness, equality and justice. As Judge Jed S. Rakoff concludes, “our criminal justice system is almost exclusively a system of plea bargaining, negotiated behind closed doors and with no judicial oversight. The outcome is very largely determined by the prosecutor alone.”

It’s estimated that between 2 and 8 percent of convicted felons who have agreed to a prosecutor’s plea bargain (remember, there are 2.3 million prisoners in America) are in prison for crimes they did not commit.

Clearly, the Coalition for Public Safety was right when it concluded, “You don’t need to be a criminal to have your life destroyed by the U.S. criminal justice system.”

It wasn’t always this way. As Judge Rakoff recounts, the Founding Fathers envisioned a criminal justice system in which the critical element “was the jury trial, which served not only as a truth-seeking mechanism and a means of achieving fairness, but also as a shield against tyranny.”

That shield against tyranny has long since been shattered, leaving Americans vulnerable to the cruelties, vanities, errors, ambitions and greed of the government and its partners in crime.

There is not enough money in the world to make reparation to those whose lives have been disrupted by wrongful convictions.

Over the past quarter century, more than 1500 Americans have been released from prison after being cleared of crimes they did not commit. These are the fortunate ones. For every exonerated convict who is able to prove his innocence after 10, 20 or 30 years behind bars, Judge Kozinski estimates there may be dozens who are innocent but cannot prove it, lacking access to lawyers, evidence, money and avenues of appeal.

For those who have yet to fully experience the injustice of the American system of justice, it’s only a matter of time. America no longer operates under a system of justice characterized by due process, an assumption of innocence, probable cause, and clear prohibitions on government overreach and police abuse. Instead, our courts of justice have been transformed into courts of order, advocating for the government’s interests, rather than championing the rights of the citizenry, as enshrined in the Constitution.

Without courts willing to uphold the Constitution’s provisions when government officials disregard them, and a citizenry knowledgeable enough to be outraged when those provisions are undermined, the Constitution provides little protection against the police state.

* * *

The day I read John Whitehead’s article (July 22), there were new reports of a number of police murders of innocent American citizens. Sandra Bland, a black women who protested police violence against blacks was found hanged in her cell in a Texas jail after her false arrest.

Just a few days ago Samuel Dubose was murdered by a police officer with a shot to his head while he sat inside his car.

A 3o-year old asthmatic white chemical engineer was without cause hog-tied by Mississippi police with face positioned to prevent breathing, resulting in his death.

Americans are in more danger from police than from terrorists. During the Iraqi war, American police murdered more Americans than the number of US troops killed in combat.

In this age of perverted justice and government-sanctioned tyranny, the Constitution is no safeguard against government wrongdoing such as SWAT team raids, domestic surveillance, police shootings of unarmed and unthreatening citizens, indefinite detentions, asset forfeitures, prosecutorial misconduct, etc.

Today in the United States of America citizens are as unprotected by law as the aristocracy in England prior to the Magna Carta. America has far more in common with the Medieval dungeon state than it does with the Declaration of Independence.

In a country in which the citizens have no protection from the state and can be shot down in their streets and homes by unaccountable police, detained indefinitely without charges or conviction, executed on suspicion alone without due process of law, there is no freedom, no democracy, no accountability of government to the people.

The United States of America is no longer the hope of mankind. The USA has become the source of evil and dread. Will America destroy the world as well as itself?

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John McCain and His Terrorist Comrades

     I really couldn’t care less about the controversy revolving around Senator John McCain’s dubious claim to being a “hero”.  What I care passionately about is the U.S. backed jihad against the secular Syrian State and the calculated genocide of the secular, Christian and minority population at the hands of McCain’s terrorist comrades.

John McCain Supports TerrorismSenator John McCain has come to be known as “The Foreign Relations “Adviser” to Al Qaeda Death Squads in Syria

   “Since the outbreak of the insurgency in Syria, John McCain has been actively involved in meetings with rebel commanders. The Republican Senator met with armed groups in Syria in May 2013 and posed in a controversial “photo op” with leading Al Qaeda commanders. McCain described this encounter on his twitter as an”:

“…Important visit with brave fighters in #Syria who are risking their lives for freedom and need our help” (… (John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) May 28, 2013

Divider templateWilliam Murray on the Huckabee Show tells of persecution of Syrian Christians at the hands of U.S. supported terrorist groups  (“McCain’s Heroes”)

(Video Below)

 GOP Senator Apologizes for McCain Tantrum at Syrian Christian Leader Meeting

Hell-bent on arming opposition forces in Syria—despite strong evidence that they’re run by Islamic terrorists—John McCain displayed behavior unbecoming of a United States Senator during a recent meeting with Syrian Christian leaders touring Capitol Hill.

The delegation of Syrian clergy came to Washington to raise awareness among lawmakers of the growing crisis among the region’s minority Christian community. Christians make up about 10% of the Syrian population and they are being targeted and ruthlessly murdered by radical elements of the rebel forces, according to the visiting church officials. They say the media and human rights groups in the west have been largely silent on the ordeal of the Christians in Syria.

A number of churches have been destroyed or burned, children were killed when rebels fired mortar rockets at an Armenian Christian school in Damascus and countless others have been abducted by Islamic fighters, the Syrian delegation reveals in a statement published by the research group, Westminster Institute, that brought them to Washington. Eleven nuns have also been abducted and are still in captivity and two bishops are still missing after getting kidnapped during a humanitarian mission.

dont-kill-us-obamaBut Senator McCain, an Arizona Republican, evidently doesn’t want to hear negative stories about the rebels he’s working to arm. So he stormed out of a closed-door meeting with the Syrian clergy officials last week. Held in the Senate Arms Services Committee meeting room, the reunion also included senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Graham is a Republican and the rest are Democrats.

McCain marched into the committee room yelling, according to a high-level source that attended the meeting, and quickly stormed out. “He was incredibly rude,” the source told Judicial Watch “because he didn’t think the Syrian church leaders should even be allowed in the room.” Following the shameful tantrum McCain reentered the room and sat briefly but refused to make eye contact with the participants, instead ignoring them by looking down at what appeared to be random papers.

The outburst was so embarrassing that Senator Graham, also an advocate of U.S. military intervention in Syria, apologized for McCain’s disturbing outburst. “Graham actually apologized to the group for McCain’s behavior,” according to the source, who sat through the entire meeting. “It was truly unbelievable.”

Not really, for those familiar with McCain’s history on this matter. The veteran lawmaker is enamored with a controversial young “Syria expert,” Elizabeth O’Bagy, who has managed to convince him as well as the president and secretary of state that Syrian rebels are mostly moderate and not terrorists. While persuading the U.S. of this, O’Bagy concealed that she was a political director for the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), a group that advocates for Syria’s rebels from Washington D.C.

Before getting exposed by conservative media outlets, O’Bagy claimed to be an objective analyst at a Washington D.C. think-tank that studies military affairs when in fact she had a “reputation as the leading expert on the armed opposition in the Syrian revolution,” according to SETF. In September O’Bagy was abruptly fired from the think-tank for padding her resume and McCain graciously hired her. “Elizabeth is a talented researcher, and I have been very impressed by her knowledge and analysis in multiple briefings over the last year,” McCain said in a statement to the political news publication that broke the story in late September.

Besides the fact that a Syrian Islamist group is essentially steering U.S. policy, a number of domestic and international media outlets have confirmed that terrorists—mainly Al Qaeda—are running opposition forces in Syria. For instance the New York Times published a piece that reveals Islamist rebels—including the most extreme groups in the notorious Al Nusra Front, an Al Qaeda-aligned force—are running the show in Syria. “The Islamist character of the opposition reflects the main constituency of the rebellion,” the story says. “Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of.”

Incredibly, last month an international news agency reported that Congress secretly approved U.S. weapons flow to what officials describe as “moderate” Syrian rebel factions. The White House refused to comment on the back-door operation, but the story cites U.S. and European officials who say the weapons deliveries have been funded by the U.S. Congress, in votes behind closed doors, through the end of government fiscal year 2014.

Save The Christians

Military intel predicted rise of ISIS in 2012, detailed arms shipments from Benghazi to Syria (link)

U.S. Secretly Shipping Weapons to Syria

Though it’s been well documented that opposition forces in Syria are mostly run by Islamic terrorists—mainly Al Qaeda—Congress has secretly approved U.S. weapons flow to what officials describe as “moderate” Syrian rebel factions. The problem with this is that there are no “moderate” rebel forces in Syria.

Freed Gitmo Terrorist Member of Islamic Opposition in Syria

As the Obama administration pushes its delusional tale that Syrian rebels aren’t terrorists, a mainstream newspaper chain publishes a story about a former Guantanamo captive who died fighting the Bashar Assad regime as a member of an Islamic opposition group. The ex-Guantanamo prisoner, Mohammed al Alami, was one of hundreds released from the U.S. military facility in southeastern Cuba during the Bush administration. He spent four years at Gitmo,

 “I’m sure John McCain loves his country,” says Richard Clarke, the former counter terrorism czar under Bush. “But loving your country and lying to the American people are apparently not inconsistent in his view.”
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War Tourism: Producing Ticking Bombs?

Tick Tock

Before his murderous attack against innocent U.S. servicemen in Chattanooga Tennessee,  Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Al-Hajjaj (Abdulazeez) like many other “Americans” traveled to the ISIS infested Kingdom of Jordan.  Such journeys are not unusual, even for U.S. citizens with no family connections to the war torn Middle East. We call these adventure seekers “War Tourists”.

The wars in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria have attracted many War Tourists, typically young, well to do Americans, lured by a pathological desire to join or at least show solidarity with, one of the many terrorist groups that have destroyed previously stable Middle-Eastern societies.

Their misguided attempts to express “solidarity” with ruthless jihadi groups has ended badly for some jihad fans i.e. Kayla Mueller,  James Foley, and the besotted, would-be Japanese jihadist Haruna Yukawa. Former U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens was a solid backer of the jihadis also, but at least he could claim some sort of “official” capacity in his promotion of terrorism.

If an American can train with the terror groups and manage to get back to the U.S. in one piece, the rewards can be great. Matthew VanDyke for instance has trained with U.S. forces in Iraq, trained and fought with the proto-Al Qaeda/ISIS jihadists in Libya.

VanDyke later joined up with and filmed a documentary about the “Free Syrian Army” (most of whom have been unmasked as ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra/Al Qaeda operatives).

In Matthew VanDyke’s case, his participation in the jihad that has cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, has been rewarded with accolades and recognition not as a man who has waged war against innocent Christians and the secular population, but as a filmmaker.

Of course Mohammad Youssuf Saeed Al-Hajjaj (Abdulazeez) wont be accepting any awards for his efforts in the global jihad. We all hope that he is roasting in hell right now, but what of the other wannabee jihadis?

In this age of “Social Media” and the blurring of notoriety and fame, it seems inevitable that fans of James Foley, Kayla Mueller or Matthew VanDyke will try to best their role models and imitate Mohammad Abdulazeez instead.

The wholesale slaughter of the secular, West leaning middle classes in Syria and the continuing genocide of Middle Eastern Christians and other minorities at the hands of U.S. backed terror groups should be viewed as a crime, and not rewarded with adulation and applause.  Joining a terror group, even if John McCain refers to them as “Freedom Fighters” or his “Heroes” should never result in unearned fame and fortune.

If we continue to continue to heap praise on those who side with the bloodthirsty jihadists in the Middle East, it’s just a matter of time before they bring their war to these shores and act against secular U.S. citizens as did Mohammad Abdulazeez.

The “War Tourists” should be viewed as potential terrorists and ticking bombs and not as “Humanitarians” or “Citizen Journalists”

Save The ChristiansSyrian artists marked for death




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Did the U.S. “Inadvertently” Train Mohammad Abdulazeez During his Trip to Jordan?

Training Syrian Rebels 003

With so much ignorant blather and deliberate dis-information about Mohammad Abdulazeez and the deadly attacks in Chattanooga TN., important questions remain to be asked.   We know the U.S. is running training camps for so called “rebels” in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Although the U.S. had intended to train over 3,000 “rebels” to fight in Syria all but a small group of old men and mental cases have defected to ISIS or Al Qaeda.  What may seem incredible to Americans is the fact that ISIS and Al Qaeda (Al Nusra) in Iraq and Syria were trained and equipped by the United States and have had great success employing well-learned U.S. military tactics against Christians, the Secular and other minorities.

“The terrorists fighting us now? We just finished training them.”

Less known but of great concern, are the “private sector” training camps in Iraq and Turkey.  One such training camp is run by Matthew VanDyke. Van Dyke, who shamelessly admits to being mentally ill, filmed himself as an armed member of the Libyan “rebels” who, in the end, revealed themselves to be aligned with Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.  VanDyke also filmed a propaganda piece for the terrorists in Syria who, under the flags of Al Qaeda, the FSA and Jabhat al-Nusra have waged a campaign of genocide against the Christians and secular citizens of Syria, resulting in over 200,000 deaths and two million homeless refugees.

VanDyke is now soliciting donations to train 40,000 “Iraqi Christians to fight ISIS”, the same Islamist comrades that he has fought with and praised in film and print.

Now, for the question Main Stream Media is afraid to ask:

Did the U.S. “inadvertently” train Mohammad Abdulazeez during his trip to Jordan?

The Media’s coordinated campaign to obfuscate the background of Abdulazeez and his family has resulted in sometime humourous reports.  For instance, Mohammad’s family has been described as  a “Typical Southern family”.

Typical Southern Family  The Washington Post casually mentioned that Abdulazeez had recently visited his family in a massive apartment complex in Falls Church, Va., down the road from the notorious “Dar Al Hijrah” mosque. Dar Al Hijrah is famous for it’s “peaceful” Imams and patrons such as: Mohammed al-Hanooti (Al-Hanooti was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.), Anwar al-Awlaki (a senior al-Qaeda recruiter and motivator linked to various terrorists, including three 9/11 hijackers, the accused Fort Hood shooter, and the accused Christmas Day 2009 bomber, President Obama authorized the targeted killing of al-Awlaki in 2010)

Dar Al HijrraWe at the Flying Camel have visited the Dar Al Hijrah Mosque and are familiar with the surrounding neighbourhood, which can best be described as a pit of vipers, watched over by a gang of Egyptian cobras.

So we must ask; could the U.S. programme to train terrorists in the hope of deposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and cleansing the region of secular, Christian and non-Sunni minorities have backfired?  In their quest to impose yet another radical theocracy upon a previously secular, Western-minded society, has the U.S. trained a ruthless corps of U.S. based radicals?

Save The Christians


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Not a bad tent

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