Message from your owners: PAY YOUR TRIBUTE TODAY!



Janet_Napolitano orders enough ammo to kill every man, woman, child and dog in the Post-American Region!

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6 Responses to Message from your owners: PAY YOUR TRIBUTE TODAY!

  1. babbazee says:

    this is a comment from one of my threads regarding the cartoon on the post face:

    “Funded and approved by the US Department of Treasury in 1943, this Disney featurette called “The New Spirit” was to encourage every good American to do his “duty” and pay his taxes, which, at this time, were at an all time high. Those who do not wish to pay or don’t pay it gladly are depicted as friends of Hitler and enemies of liberty and democracy.”

    A few observations on that “New Spirit” cartoon downthread:

    1) The closing shot of the white clouds, pink glow, and patch of blue sky suggesting the American flag, was brilliant. It was also reminiscent of the equally overdone and pandering concluding shot of “Mrs. Miniver,” which showed the squadrons of flying planes in V-formation through the windows of a bomb-ruined church were the fallen rafters formed a cross.

    2) The overall tone of the cartoon was very “Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia”—to an unsettling degree. Understandable, maybe—but unsettling as hell.

    3) The opening vocal was done by Cliff Edwards (“Ukelele Ike”), a “hot” singer of the 1920s and minor character actor of the 1930s, who became the voice of Jiminy Cricket for Disney and also the singer of the “When I See A Elephant Fly” song in “Dumbo.”
    Today, 1:28:57 PM

  2. babbazee says:

    I am in opposition to the pandering part he wrote regarding Mrs. Miniver, a holy film.. so I go now to make this known!

  3. babbazee says:



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