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Idaho refugees get federal grants to start businesses

The Idaho Statesmanthat says this:

Some refugees who worked as educators in their home countries and others interested in the field are in the process of opening their own child-care businesses. They’re enrolled in the New Investment New Opportunities program through the local nonprofit Micro Enterprise Training and Assistance.

NINO, which began in October, provides small federal grants from the national office of refugee resettlement to help refugees kickstart their businesses.

Grants not loans?

Let me understand this.  The federal government is giving GRANTS not LOANS to refugees to open child-care businesses.  Are there no out-of-work Americans in Idaho who would like to run child-care programs and are they getting GRANTS?   I wish we had enough people following the federal government’s spending to research just how these GRANTS are being used. How much is siphoned off for salaries and offices at each step?  And, does anyone audit these programs?

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