Some Sunday Morning Funnies

American troops were not allowed to carry weapons in Afghan ministry buildings

Keeping our soldiers unarmed was a show of good faith to the Afghans.  Makes you want to gag.  Now each soldier will have a fellow soldier assigned to them, to watch over them as they sleep, to protect them from the Afghans they have trained.  Something is very wrong.

From Jihad Watch:

Tough new security measures for US troops in Afghanistan: now Americans can carry weapons in Afghan ministry buildings!

It is amazing to discover at this late date that there was anywhere in Afghanistan where American troops were not allowed to carry weapons. And there still may be — it is unclear from this AP story. Such a policy is a consequence of the politically correct fictions about Islam being a religion of peace that prevail in Washington, and have prevailed for years now. The idea is that we will show our good faith to the Afghans by allowing our troops to be unarmed in government buildings. Will Afghan jihadis see that as a sign of weakness and take advantage of it? Of course not!

How many more Americans must die before this idiotic line of thought is abandoned in all its manifestations, not just this one?

Note also that the wretched dhimmi Allen, who videotaped a groveling, embarrassing apology to the “noble people of Afghanistan” after the Qur’an burnings a few weeks ago, is touting the measures that Afghan troops are taking to keep us safe as well. Pull my other leg, Allen. On the other hand, he probably believes and trusts the Afghans in this, as in all things.

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“New security for US troops in Afghanistan to guard against Afghan insider threats,” from Associated Press, March 29:

And don’t miss this one:

Meet the Taliban transvestites: Rebels are captured dressed in drag

  • ‘Guardian angels’ are troops who watch over comrades even as they sleep
  • The lengths Taliban are prepared to go to to gain access to coalition forces shown as two militants dressed in women’s clothing are arrested
  • Oy va voy!
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