Brotherhood to Abolish Female Rights and Enforce Female Genital Mutilation

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood MP Seeks to Abolish Female Rights and Enforce Female Genital Mutilation

by Raymond Ibrahim  •  Apr 26, 2012 at 12:30 pm
Cross-posted from Jihad Watch

Azza Jarf: Putting a stop to infidel freedoms in Egypt’s new parliament.

According to the Egyptian website Youm 7, Azza al-Jarf, a female Member of Parliament representing the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Freedom and Justice Party,” is trying to abolish several laws currently enjoyed by Egyptian women—including preventing them from divorcing or even separating from their husbands, because “the man has the authority and stewardship” (see Koran 4:34); mandating that fathers must circumcise their daughters; and trying to get the Egyptian educational system to ban the teaching of the English language—on the grounds that it is an “infidel” tongue—while separating boys and girls in classrooms and forcing girls to wear the hijab.

Ms. Jarf, of course, is not the first Muslim female in Egypt opposed to her own gender; earlier, another female politician declared that “women are deficient in intelligence and religion,” and that, in agreement with Sharia law, they are banned from running for presidency.

At any rate, repressive and discriminatory laws, not to mention laws that mutilate the human body—such represent the Muslim Brotherhood’s idea of “Freedom and Justice,” the telling name of their political wing.


Egypt’s Islamists to Grant ‘Sex After Death’ Right for Husbands

Posted By Rick Moran

Egypt’s Islamists  have outraged the civilized world by proposing several pieces of legislation that begin the process of rolling back the meager gains made by women in that country over the last decade.

The first proposed law would lower the legal age a girl can marry to 14. The second proposal, inspired by a fatwa from a Moroccan cleric, would grant husbands permission to have sex with their wives within 6 hours of their death.

Another Islamist-sponsored piece of legislation would repeal the right of women to seek a divorce from an abusive husband without obstruction from her spouse. Still another proposal would mandate the barbaric practice of female circumcision.

The series of proposals, as well as others under consideration that would severely restrict opportunities for women and girls in education and employment, aim to roll back the modest progress on women’s rights that advocates won during the Mubarak era. The laws threaten to reduce women to the status of chattel where they will be literally owned by their husbands who will be able to control all aspects of their personal lives.

The proposals come as the Obama administration appears to have accepted the rule of Islamists in Egypt, Tunisia, and other “Arab Spring” countries while exposing their naive belief that the Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate” and “secular” in its nature.


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1 Response to Brotherhood to Abolish Female Rights and Enforce Female Genital Mutilation

  1. Rashida Khan says:

    Miserable deformed minds. I hope Egyptian military is able to liquidate the muslim brotherhood while they have the chance. In for an inch, in for a mile; go generals!!! Cleanse the country of these fanatics who want to pull Egypt into 8th century AD.

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