Cleric says educating women is un-Islamic

Leading cleric says educating women is un-Islamic

Posted by: Angie Nassar
Monday, May 07. 2012
Another day, another unhinged misogynist wackjob spewing out narrow-mindedness and intolerance in the name of religion.A Pakistani cleric and former politician said last week that formal education for women is un-Islamic because the potential mixing of boys and girls encourages immodesty.

“The only responsibility men owe to women is their sustenance, and not education,” said Maulana Haleem. “In return, the women should stay at home and look after their children and family members,” he added, according to the Express Tribune.

Yeah. Before you know it, they’ll be demanding equality, the right to free and fair employment and increased human rights. It will ruin everything.

And get this: during his stint as a lawmaker, Haleem reportedly deemed poppy cultivation “in accordance with Islam.” Religious justification for the heroine industry? Let’s all take a moment of silence to question this man’s confused morals…

[Shakes head in disappointment]

Now go out into the world and embrace your inner hypocrisy everyone! Meantime, I’ll take my chances at eternal damnation for the sake of an education, thank you very much.

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