Terror Cells in U.S. Mosques

Revolutionary Guards’ Terror Cells in U.S. Mosques

Written by Reza Kahlili on May 24th, 2012


By: Reza Kahlili

Last week, CBN aired a special report on the possibility of an attack in the scale of 09/11 by Iranian assets here in America: “Will Iran Strike New York City on 9/11 Scale?

Erick Stakelbeck, the CBN News Terrorism Analyst, who put together the report, explained how Iranian diplomats and other assets are present in America and the possibility of an attack on U.S. soil.

The report included a statement by Congressman Peter King, who sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, that hundreds of operatives are in U.S. and that several Iranian diplomats stationed at the UN were involved in much more than it appeared as several of their associates were caught photographing sensitive sites. These people were removed from the UN mission and sent back to Iran.

Also in this report is my interview about how the Islamic regime uses Mosques in the U.S. as their operational centers and how they have done reconnaissance on key sites for terror attacks such as railroads, power plants, food distribution centers, water supplies, bridges, and others. Some of that information was also passed to the FBI.

Today, however, Mashregh news, the media outlet run by the Islamic regime’s Revolutionary Guards, has put up the CBN report with a title “Iranian Assets Present in U.S. Mosques for Terror Attacks,” with a full translation of the report, which even included the original video of the report.

Without refuting the report or any part of it as they usually do, the outlet stuck to a direct translation of the CBN report and included my quotes naming the specific sites that their terror cells might attack.

The regime’s media outlet often mocks reports in the West to play down any threat by the regime. Although the CBN report touches on a very sensitive subject, “Mosques used as operational centers,” they seem to be strangely quiet on the issue. Mashregh News only refers to the CBN report as unsubstantiated and just a repeat of accusations by the U.S. officials.

Also by putting up the video, it seems that I have managed to get under their skin and they are looking for help in trying to figure out who Reza Kahlili really is!



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