Jpost reporter viciously beaten by vigilantes in Greece

Jerusalem Post Reporter Attacked In Athens: Gil Shefler Assaulted For Filming Mob Attack

Gil Shefler, a reporter for the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post, was brutally attacked by a mob in Athens, Greece on Tuesday.

According to the newspaper, a group of approximately 20 masked men armed with bats started beating immigrants and homeless people in the street at around 8PM on Tuesday.

When Shefler took out his camera to document the attack, he was chased down by the mob and beaten. The reporter captured the aftermath of the attack on video. (Watch above. Warning: video contains graphic images.)

“”I was walking outside the National Archaeological Museum of Athens at 8:00 PM –still broad daylight in Athens in the summer– when suddenly I saw dozens of foreigners run for their lives. Chasing them were about 15 masked men wearing black shirts and wielding long sticks. I instinctively took out my camera to document the mob attack but seconds later i was chased down the street by about five of them, apparently because I was trying to snap photos. Greek nationals were walking calmly by doing their best to ignore what was going on. I was beaten in the middle of the street for a few minutes with police nowhere in sight. It took about 15 minutes before the assailants left the scene entirely and 20 minutes before I was taken to hospital to be treated for my wounds.” “


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