Suicide Bomber Auction for Syria in Saudi Arabia

Juan McCain, CNN and Fox-News call these folks “Freedom Fighters”

Auctioning Off Your Child to Terrorists for Murder/Suicide

TRANSLATOR: The dialects seams to be Syrian … or Lebanese

TRANSLATOR: the last Guy offer 1,5 million ryals (saudi money) + 200 k to the oncle !!!

TRANSLATOR: sec 0:25 : Father talk about salah ” Hi every one this is my son and i will send it to take revenge”

TRANSLATOR: 1:08 (speaker talk) :”Ya shabab ( youth! ) we are going to send him inside Bab Amro (sems to be an place)

TRANSLATOR: 1:08 , We need same sacrifice as he sacrifice it life

TRANSLATOR:   sorry last one was 1:18

TRANSLATOR:   1:20″ they will give their life ! ” (speaker talk)

TRANSLATOR:   1:41 ” YA shabab (youths ! ) add more money , god will refund you”

TRANSLATOR:   1:54 : “we give money in the box , and U send him directly to Bab amar (place in syria name of town there)

(ps “Bab Amro -is probably Bab Amsr – neighborhood in Homs, Syria where the rebels are heavy)

TRANSLATOR:   1:59 speaker ” No problem , all important is the motivation and the faith”

TRANSLATOR: 3:03 ” 200 k riyals to abu adnan personally “

TRANSLATOR: I think The guy is in Black tee-shirt

TRANSLATOR:   N 34 °42’33.3” E 36°41’15.9” Baba Amr Homs Syria

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