Obama’s got his back: Dimon wore Presidential cufflinks at hearing

Stacy Summary: Just in case the American peasant population needed to have their faces pushed into the dirt a little more, Jamie shows them who is boss:


JP Morgan boss flashes presidential bling at Senate hearing

Jamie Dimon weathered protesters and questioning at a Senate Banking Committee hearing today about JPMorgan’s $2 billion in trading losses — armed with cufflinks that appear to be inscribed with the presidential seal.

The CEO that President Obama deemed “one of America’s smartest bankers we’ve got” after the trading loss debacle, flashed a not so subtle message to the lawmakers that the boss has his back.

In more than one picture, Dimon was seen with the seal cufflinks visible. The seal reads “Seal of the President of the United States” and includes the arrow-carrying eagle.

Dimon apparently does have an affinity for bold cufflinks. His one-time Chicago home included a huge portrait hanging above stairs of an arms-crossed CEO in a suit that prominently displayed hefty cufflinks.

Dimon was considered to be an Obama backer in 2008, but had a one-on-one chat with Mitt Romney earlier this year.

Recently, the JPMorgan exec has classified his political leanings as “barely Democrat.”

One thing Berlusconi got right: Obama is better than Bush Jr. because he speaks better and has a better tan

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