Summer 2012 “Please-Don’t-Bomb-Iran Tour”

What is Hillary Clinton Doing in Israel?

Welcome to the Summer 2012 Please-Don’t-Bomb-Iran Tour, starring the Obama Administration, now on stage in Jerusalem.

Last week, Deputy Secretary of State William Burns came to Israel to top-level consultations. The President’s national security adviser, Tom Donilon, also dropped by for a visit. Hillary Clinton is scheduled to arrive in Israel about now. More visits from senior Administration officials are scheduled for later this month. The number of top American officials visiting Jerusalem is outmatched only by the number of American warships already in the Persian Gulf, or heading there now.

Clinton lands in Israel, U.S. Secretary of Defense to arrive next week for talks on Iran, Syria, Palestinians

Group of U.S. officials, including Hilary Clinton, arrives in Israel for regional talks, Leon Panetta expected to arrive early next week.

Hillary Clinton laughs it up with Muslim Brotherhood, pledges hundreds of millions in US taxpayer dollars

Posted on July 15, 2012 by creeping

PS: Hundreds of millions = billions. via My Way News – Clinton to Egypt’s Morsi: Find way out of crisis.


Iran’s War Against Israel and Jews

International law enforcement agencies have broken-up yet another alleged plot against an Israeli target, arresting an apparent Hezbollah operative in Cyprus who was there to identify suitable targets for terrorist attacks. According to press reports, the operative was particularly interested in Israeli airliners. As Amos Harel reports in Haaretz this morning (I’m on a brief trip to the perfidious Zionist entity, where much of the talk is aboutf the flood of American officials coming to assure the Israeli government that they’ve got the Iran situation under control), attacking an Israeli airliner is an ambitious idea, and one that would undoubtedly trigger a wider conflict.
Protecting Israel’s air traffic is high priority for the Shin Bet security service, right up there with protecting Israeli embassies abroad. Thus, had Hezbollah actually attacked a plane successfully, this would have been tantamount to declaring war.

Assad receives last warning to stop moving his WMD: Top generals defect


Israel advised to brace for Syrian missile attack – conventional or chemical


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