Is Syria Falling into the Hands of Al-Qaeda?

by Khaled Abu Toameh Gatestone Institute.Org
July 27, 2012 at 5:00 am

Free Syrian Army – Al Qaeda Flag

Once the jihadists get rid of Assad, they will move on to hijack the “Arab Spring” in Jordan in the hope of replacing the monarchy with another Islamist state in the region.

The “Arab Spring” in Syria, which began as a popular and non-violent uprising against Bashar Assad’s regime, has been hijacked by Al-Qaeda and other radical Islamist organizations.

In the past few weeks, thousands of bearded Muslim fundamentalists from various Arab and Islamic countries have converged on Syria to participate in the fighting against Assad’s forces.

Many of these armed extremists who appear every day on Arab TV stations have made no effort to conceal their aspiration to establish an Islamist caliphate in Syria.

The men who are fighting against Assad’s army are anything but reformists and democracy-loving activists. Most appear to be ruthless terrorists and militiamen who came to Syria to carry out suicide bombings and massacre innocent civilians.

These are the same Al-Qaeda members who have been waging a war of attrition against the Iraqi government – and before that the United States – and who are still trying to take control over Yemen.

Palestinians who fled the fighting in Syria this week said that the some suburbs of Damascus were full of Al-Qaeda militiamen from a number of Arab countries. Others said that many fighters belonged to radical Salafi groups.

The Palestinians said that the Muslim fundamentalists stormed the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus and began recruiting young men to join what they described as the jihad [holy war] against Assad’s regime and all “infidels.”

The jihadists already have their eyes set on neighboring Jordan. Once they get rid of Assad, they will move on to hijack the “Arab Spring” in Jordan in the hope of replacing the monarchy with another Islamist state in the region.

Of course the Sunni jihadists do not represent the entire Syrian opposition, which still includes many secular figures who are struggling to create a democratic and secular regime.

But what is clear now, is that whoever replaces Assad would not be able to ignore the fact that Syria has been swamped with thousands of Al-Qaeda and Salafi terrorists who pose a threat to stability in the Middle East.

The US Administration and other Western countries that are supporting the Syrian opposition need to wake up and make sure that arms and money do not fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda. The Syrian opposition also needs to distance itself immediately from all radical Islamist terrorists operating in Syria.

If this does not happen soon , the day will arrive when many in Syria and the West will miss Bashar Assad.

Al-Qaeda terrorists are working alongside UN Observers in Syria

UN Openly Giving Al-Qaeda Cover In Syria To Identify Targets

The media is now openly reporting Al-Qaeda terrorists are working alongside UN Observers in Syria as videos show the terrorists gathering intel for future strikes.

When is a terrorist not a terrorist? When the terrorists are committing acts of terrorism that promote the United States’ imperialistic agenda.

We have seen it over and over again, from MKO terrorists who openly commit bombings and assignations in Iran that US politicians have decided to lobby congress to have removed from the terror list while giving them a US base in Iraq to continue their operations to the latest charade involving Al-Qaeda terrorist working alongside of Western military forces covertly in Syria to overthrow the Assad regime.

The latest example comes from the UN who has been entirely mute about the war crimes being committed by the terrorists against the Syrian government.

Now the media isn’t even trying to hide the fact that these Al-Qaeda terrorists are parading around Syria collecting videos and photographs to plan attacks against the Syrian military under the protection of UN Peacekeepers.

Instead the AFP is openly publishing photographs rubbing it in the face of those “conspiracy theorists” who actually care enough about the destruction of this nation by the evil people in power to actually follow the news.

 A photo published by French news agency AFP shows a Syrian rebel wearing the Al-Qaeda flag on his arm accompanying UN observers in the village of Azzara, again underscoring the fact that NATO powers are backing terrorists in their bid to topple President Bashar Al-Assad.

A man wearing a black shirt bearing an Al-Qaeda flag (L) speaks with a UN observer as monitors meet with rebels and civilians in the village of Azzara in the province of Homs on May 4, 2012.”

This of course confirms hundreds of alternative media reports on the unholy alliance between Al-Qaeda and the Syrian revels which is largely being concealed from masses at large who instead are displayed with repeated reports of activists claiming government attacks on innocent civilians and peaceful protestors.

In the video below, the Syria Truth Network documents the terrorists touring the country and gathering intelligence including photos and videos for the government’s military positions which of course is information used by the terrorists to conduct attacks on government forces.

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