Panetta: “Sanctions Are Increasingly Successful “

Ahmadinejad: Jerusalem key to global problems


Published Thursday, August 2, 2012

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday called for unity across the Middle East to destroy Israel, calling the city of Jerusalem the “key” issue in the world.

Iranian News Agency Mahar quoted the Ahmadinejad as saying, during a meeting of ambassadors of a number of Muslim countries, that “there are many differences in political attitudes between Western governments and politicians but all of them are united in their defense of the Zionist entity and Zionist ideas.”

The Iranian president described Israel as “a global Zionist symbol dominating the world,” and added that “al-Quds (Jerusalem) day is the key to solving the word’s problems. It is the duty of every free man demanding justice to contribute to the demise of the Zionist entity.”

Al-Quds day is an annual event on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan commemorated in some Arab and Islamic states and by various Arab and Muslim people all over the world.

It was introduced by Imam Khomeini in August 1979 after the Islamic revolution in Iran, and calls for the liberation of the city of Jerusalem after it was illegally occupied by Israel in 1967.

(UPI, Al-Akhbar)

Panetta, seeming to respond to Netanyahu, said, “These sanctions are having a serious impact in terms of the economy of Iran.”

Although the sanctions have cut seriously into Iran’s oil exports, and its currency has plunged, they have failed to force the country to stop enriching uranium.

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