Note:  For over two years, Skip V. Patel and the Alliance of Hirsute Food Bloggers have been warning of the Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood campaign against the secular Syrian government. Finally, the LameStreamMedia® is taking notice.

Al Qaeda offers assistance to secular Syrian rebels

By Bill Ardolino

NBC News reports on how al Qaeda is attempting to co-opt a cell of secular Syrian rebels who are short on weapons and ammunition.

al Qaeda is using the chaos in Syria to establish another Islamic jihadist beachhead.

“Al Qaeda and the US are fighting a battle against their common foe; Bashar al Assad regime in Syria. Shocked anyone? Al Qaeda is America’s Enemy Number One because it launched the worst attacks on American soil on 9/11. The US has spent a whopping sum of more than a trillion dollars of American taxpayers’ money to fight and eliminate al Qaeda and yet this terrorist outfit has proved to be a formidable force. And it is now proving to be a useful entity to fight Syrian regime. Americans, in the hope to use al Qaeda for the US interests, is secretly and indirectly funding and arming it enemy to fight another enemy. ”

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Al Qaeda’s leadership has put out a call to jihadis around the world to drop what they are doing and come to Syria to fight. The growing sectarian nature of the battle in Syria has turned out to be tailor made for al-Qaida’s followers.

So much for “The War on Terror”

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