Mid-East War Updates

Inside Syria: Arab Spring no more

Born of idealism, Syria’s war is now a battle over Iran and the Sunni vs. Shiite rivalry.

For an explanation of how the conflict is morphing into a proxy war, and how sectarian rivalries are fueling the violence, GlobalPost turned to Marius Deeb, Professorial Lecturer in Middle East studies at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Professor Deeb is a Syria expert, and author of Syria’s Terrorist War on Lebanon.

Time Is Short For Iran Diplomacy

Iran is the world’s leading terror sponsor without nuclear weapons. With them, it can commit incalculable atrocities.


Nearly two decades ago, Israel started alerting the world about Iran’s nuclear program. But the world ignored our warnings, wasting 10 years until the secret nuclear enrichment plant at Natanz was exposed in 2002. Then eight more invaluable years were lost before much of the international community imposed serious sanctions on Iran.

Plots Are Tied to Shadow War of Israel and Iran

Police and forensic officers examined a damaged Israeli Embassy vehicle after a bomb attack in February in New Delhi.

BERLIN — A magnetic bomb detonated on a diplomatic car in New Delhi. The police uncovered a cache of explosives at a golf course in the Kenyan city of Mombasa. Five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver were killed in an attack outside the airport in the Black Sea coastal city of Burgas.

These were just a few of what some Israeli and American intelligence officials say were nearly a dozen plots that form the backbone of a continuing offensive by Iran and Hezbollah against Israel

US Report: Iran Nuke Program More Advanced Than Thought

The new National Intelligence Estimate says that Iran has improved its nuclear research and methodology – and has gotten better results.

A report in Ha’aretz Thursday, citing American officials, said that a new U.S. report says Iran has made a great deal of progress in its nuclear program in recent months. According to the report, U.S. President Barack H. Obama has seen the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report, prepared by U.S. government intelligence groups.

According to Ha’aretz, the report was submitted to Obama several weeks later than scheduled – in order to update it with new information relating to the vast improvements in Iran’s nuclear research in recent months. The report is said to have come to conclusions similar to those held by Israel’s intelligence community – that Iran is almost at the “point of no return” in development of a nuclear weapon.

Sinai terrorists supported from Afghanistan, Iraq

08/08/2012 23:28

Global Jihad in Egyptian peninsula receiving support from Salafi-linked terrorists abroad, senior Israeli official reveals.

The groups are usually not connected to Iran, which is working to establish its own terrorist infrastructure in Sinai via Hezbollah, according to the official.

A large proportion of the weaponry used in the recent spate of attacks against Israel originated in Libya, where arms depots were raided and cleared out following the revolution there last year.

S. Arabia: We’ll intercept any IAF aircraft en route to Iran

US officials transmit message from Riyadh saying any Israeli aircraft crossing its airspace en route to Iran will be shot down. Israeli officials claim Saudi threat is yet another American attempt to foil strike

While Washington is trying to stall any military attack against Iran, The New York Times reported on Wednesday that the United States was pushing its Gulf allies to set up a regional missile defense system aimed at protecting strategic areas including military bases and infrastructure from an Iranian attack.

 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told representatives from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates that the more can be done “to defend the gulf through cooperation on ballistic missile defense.

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