Egyptian President Morsi sacks Tantawi

Egyptian President Morsi sacks Tantawi

Egypt’s president Mohammad Morsi has sacked the Head of Armed Forces and Defense Minister Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi the presidential spokesman announced on Sunday.

Morsi appointed General Abdellatif Sisi to head the military and former judge Mekky as vice-president, the spokesman added.

Armed men attack US led “peacekeeping” forces in Sinai

Incident comes days after start of military operation against militants suspected of perpetrating fatal attack on Egyptian border guards last Sunday • Several police checkpoints have also been assaulted by armed assailants since last Wednesday.

Washington offers Cairo military equipment, police instruction, advanced surveillance measures to purge peninsula of terror cells. Egypt reportedly inclined to accept
The New York Times is reporting that the United States and Egypt are negotiating US support for handling the situation in the Sinai Peninsula. According to the report, the proposed US assistance includes military equipment, police instruction, electronic and aerial surveillance measures.

Muslim Brotherhood anti-army coup in Cairo. Tanks move up to Israel border

Having gained control of the Egyptian parliament, government and presidency, the Muslim Brotherhood has made itself the unchallenged ruler of Egypt. Demoting the heads of the military leaves the MB in control of the biggest army in the Arab world.

Two months after assuming the presidency, the Muslim Brotherhood’s President Mohamed Morsi swept away the powerful pro-American Supreme Military Council heads ruling Egypt since Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow.  Sunday. Aug. 12, he fired the Egyptian Defense Minister, Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi,

debkafile was the only publication to report that the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi were exploiting the terrorist attack in Sinai to rid Cairo of the pro-Western military control of the Egyptian government. A faster worker, Morsi has achieved this in exactly seven days.

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