Egypt’s Islamo-Fascist President to Visit Iran

Egypt’s Islamist President to Visit Iran

First Egyptian Presidential Visit to Iran in Decades

Egypt’s Islamist (Sunni clerical fascist) president, who came to power with the support of the Obama administration, plans to visit Islamist (Shiite clerical fascist) Iran at the end of this month. Read more.

Click here for an article about the Islamizing of the Egyptian military, which, while downplaying the Obama-aided disaster, is still worth reading.

Few Americans understand Obama’s perfidious policy of overtly siding with rightwing political Islam and overlapping elements of organized Islam. America’s first Muslim-born President (Islam traces the religion through the father), and first President to have ever studied and practiced Islam (which he did as a child in Indonesia), has effectively narrowed the definition of the Islamist enemy to Al Qaeda and its closest affiliates, except for so-called reconcilable members of the medieval Taliban. Practically every other Islamist group or regime, including, even, Iran’s monstrous mullahocracy, which Obama desperately sought to engage (code for collaborate or align with) after taking office, is regarded as a potential ally by the administration.

That’s a fact, not an opinion.

Endnote: The administration’s pro-Islamist policy–support for oxymoronic “moderate” radical Islam–aids and is aided by a parallel push by mainstream media outlets and entertainment companies (e.g. HBO) to recast 9/11 into a “tragedy” in which the perpetrators are simply “sociopaths,” as the fictional TV news anchor of an HBO series recently said in one scene.

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