Judicial Watch: Must reads for 22 Aug. 2012

City Spends $540k On Homeland Sec. Videos

August 22, 2012 |Homeland Security

As cities across the nation suffer through difficult financial times, one Texas municipality is making headlines for dropping more than half a million dollars to produce internet videos that supposedly teach people how properly react in public safety emergencies. A Houston Public Safety and Homeland Security office created to protect the area against terror attacks

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CDC Releases State By State Obesity Map

August 22, 2012 |Obama Administration

In its ongoing effort to single out health disparities between ethnic minorities and Caucasians, the Obama Administration has published a new State Obesity Map that reveals blacks, the poor and uneducated are disproportionately obese compared to their more affluent and educated white counterparts. The new tool, published on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Convicted BP Agents Would Qualify For Amnesty Under Obama Plan

August 21, 2012 |Homeland Security

As if the crisis along the Mexican border wasn’t bad enough, two veteran Border Patrol agents have been convicted for operating a multi-million-dollar human smuggling business in which illegal immigrants were transported into the U.S. in government vehicles. It marks the highest profile corruption case in years for the Homeland Security agency charged with preventing

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