Washington reportedly sends Tehran indirect message saying it will not back Israeli strike on nuclear facilities as long as Iran refrains from attacking American facilities in Persian Gulf

Shimon Shiffer YNET, GLOBESIntermountain Jewish News and AGENCIES

According to the report, Washington used covert back-channels in Europe to clarify that the US does not intend to back Israel in a strike that may spark a regional conflict.

In return, Washington reportedly expects Iran to steer clear of strategic American assets in the Persian Gulf, such as military bases and aircraft carriers.

Israeli officials reported an unprecedented low in the two nations’ defense ties, which stems from the Obama administration’s desire to warn Israel against mounting an uncoordinated attack on Iran.

The New York Times reported Monday that US President Barack Obama is promoting a series of steps meant to curb an Israeli offensive against Iran, while forcing the Islamic Republic to take the nuclear negotiations more seriously.

According to the New York Times, Washington has also sent Iran a back-channel deal suggesting they curb their nuclear ambitions, but Tehran rejected the deal, saying no agreement is possible sans lifting all West-imposed sanctions.

David Petraeus is due to arrive in Israel on Monday, Sept. 3,  after conferring with the Turkish Islamists Tayyip Erdogan and Abdullah Gul.  Petraeus is expected to repeat the well-worn and totally discredited fallacy; “Sanctions are working”.

In an interview for the Intermountain Jewish News,  John Bolton slammed the sanctions ploy:  “I have said for four years that neither sanctions nor diplomacy will work [i.e., stop Iran’s nuclear program]. This makes it more likely for military intervention to take place. It’s a race between sanctions and between Iran getting a nuclear option.”

“If the military option [is to be used], it’s a very undesirable option. But the others are worse.”

“I blame not only Obama, but the [G. W.] Bush administration,” he added. “Sanctions are only good if they are comprehensive, swiftly applied and rigorously enforced. Obama has met none of those conditions.”

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  1. Michael Travis says:

    Obviously the Obama Administration believes that the lives of several million Jews is a small price to pay to keep Iranian oil flowing to Iraq, and onto China.

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