Al Qaeda-Brotherhood Capture Dozens of Scud Missiles

By Skip V. Patel
The Free Syrian Army (US-Turkish led Al Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood Militias)  on Wednesday said it has surrounded Tiftinaz military airport in the northern city of Aleppo and claimed the capture of a missile-warehouse in Damascus, Al Arabiya TV reported.

Ignored by Western “Lame-Stream media®” was the photographic and video evidence indicating that the Islamist terror organisations had indeed acquired dozens of Scud or similar ground to ground missiles within a single week.

Also largely ignored by the corrupt and Arabist Western media, was the seizure by the A.Q.-Muslim Brotherhood of Assad’s enormous stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, although the Washington Post  did mention that: “Syrian arsenal contains several hundred tons of chemical weapons and precursors, including sizable quantities of battlefield-ready sarin, the deadly nerve agent.” and that The stockpile appears to be larger and more widely distributed than originally suspected

The Flying Camel asks: “With the lives of over three million Christians, and seven million Israeli  Jews at immediate risk, why has the Western media,, along with Christian and Jewish organisations, remained mute in the face of imminent genocide carried out under the auspices of John McCain’s “Heroes”, the U.N., and NATO ?”

Turkish officers backed by US agents had taken command of two Syrian rebel brigades.
Britain and France came next to report they were sending aid directly to the Syrian opposition


Al Qaeda-led Rebels Capture Assad Missiles, Do They Also Have His Chemical Weapons?

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