Syrian Terrorism: Menace in the Skies

Perhaps a Turkish airliner will be taken down… then claim it was Assad’s military who was responsible, thereby hastening Turkey’s full-scaled entrance into an outright war with Assad… quite to the advantage of the rebels… aka jihadists.

NBC News reported that the rebel Free Syrian Army had obtained nearly two dozen of the weapons, which were delivered to them via neighbouring Turkey

Middle East: Antiaircraft Missile is Fired From Gaza, Israeli Officials Say


Israeli defense officials say that Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip have for the first time fired an antiaircraft missile at Israeli aircraft. The officials say the militants fired a Strela shoulder-fired missile at an Israeli helicopter operating over Gaza last week but missed their target. The officials said Israeli intelligence has long believed that militants in Gaza possessed these weapons, but this was the first time they were fired. They said the air force had taken special precautions for several years assuming that the threat existed. Israel believes that the weapons originated in Libya and were smuggled through tunnels along the Egyptian border. Palestinian militant groups have never acknowledged possessing the weapons.

Heat-Seeking Missiles in Syria: The SA-7 in Action with Rebels


Throughout this year, as fighting intensified in Syria and antigovernment fighters grew in numbers and in strength, it had seemed inevitable that they would acquire heat-seeking shoulder-fired missiles and turn them against the Syrian military aircraft.

This blog had documented the part-by-part appearance in rebel hands of one old heat-seeking system, known as the SA-7. Since midsummer there have been occasional sightings of full systems but none, as far as we know, showing the system in actual use.

Two videos recently posted on YouTube suggest that what had been expected is now occurring.

The first video, embedded below and posted today, shows what would appear to be a two-man hunter-killer team with an SA-7, waiting for an aircraft from hiding behind a building. Matthew Schroeder, an analyst who covers missile proliferation and the arms trade at the Federation of American Scientists in Washington, noted “the glint of the missile’s seeker head, so the missile is in the tube.” This, along with the visible battery and grip stock, indicates that the system is complete.The man with the SA-7 does not loiter; he is soon picked up by another man on a light motorcycle.

Watch on Youtube.

US Backed Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood terrorists fire Turkish supplied surface to air missiles at Syrian aircraft.

This is the legacy of Chris Stevens’ efforts to supply heavy arms to John McCain’s “Heroes”, the Al Qaeda aligned terrorists fighting under the umbrella of the “Free Syrian Army”. With an estimated 2,000 plus shoulder launched anti-aircraft weapons removed from Libyan weapons depots and now in the hands of die-hard jihadists, it is only a matter of time until these missiles are used against Western aircraft.

Perhaps the Obama Administration has deluded itself into believing  that their weapons transfers would only aid the war against secular Arabs in Syria and Jordan, and Zionist Jews in Israel. Such wishful thinking is painfully simplistic and ignores the lessons of recent history.

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