Stop the Madness! Leave Syria a Secular State.

We Never Lost Syria, Because We Never Had Syria

“We could help the Free Syrian Army win, watch the Muslim Brotherhood come to power and then hold congressional hearings on who was to blame for the attack on our consulate in Aleppo.”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield

On October 22, 2012

In the final debate it will be tempting for Mitt Romney to pick up the narrative being peddled by Syria interventionists that we drove the Free Syrian Army into the arms of Al Qaeda and its Jihadist affiliates by not showering them with heavy weapons.

David Ignatius at the Washington Post has a high profile article pushing the story that the FSA is only aligning with the Jihadists because America hasn’t come through for them. The reality is that the FSA was aligned with Jihadists all along, the difference is that it is no longer bothering to hide it.

Here’s a little moment from Ignatius’ story of the Free Syrian Army

Akidi looks like a military man, barrel-chested and confident, and he’s the sort of officer who Washington hopes might build a solid fighting force. If the United States can help him get modern antiaircraft and antitank weapons, “I will keep them away from extremist groups,” he promises. He hopes America can provide training, too — even a two-week basic course that could help create a real army.

But unless the United States provides weapons that can tip the balance, Akidi says he needs help from the jihadists who are so eager to fight and die. “I have no problem with extremists if they are fighting the regime. All we care is that the regime falls and the bloodshed stops.”

Is this a deal that looks good to anyone with any common sense?

Akidi has no problem with Jihadists so long as they’re fighting the regime, but he promises to keep the weapons that we give him away from the “extremists”. His only motive for that is getting more weapons from us. But the stronger the Jihadists become, the more leverage Akidi has for extracting better weapons from us to maintain parity with the Jihadists.

This is an old game and we’ve been playing it for what feels like forever.

Weapons are pouring into Syria from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but the FSA wants more and better weapons from us. And once we’ve poured in weapons, then what? We’ll have to upgrade our commitment by opening a No Fly Zone and acting as the air force for the Free Syrian Army. And then once we’ve helped them take over Syria, we can watch our consulate in Aleppo burning on the evening news.

Skip Notes:

Bashar Assad is a dictator. However;  Assad’s Syria is/was a Western oriented secular state. Syrian women under Assad do not trundle about looking like semi-animated hefty bags. As a matter of fact, Syrian girls and women look very much like Israelis or North Americans (A fact that must anger Hillary Clinton and her “Sisterhood” gang)

Syrian Girls

Syrian Christians number approximately 2.7 million and you can add the 2 million+ Iraqi Christians who, after being driven from their homes in Iraq (By America’s “Allies”) found refuge in Assad’s Syria.

What has the West to gain by assisting in the genocide of so many Christians and secular Syrians?

What possible purpose can be served by creating yet another Islamic hell in the Middle East?

If the Obama-Clinton-Muslim Brotherhood war plans succeed, tiny Israel will be surrounded on every side by irrational, bloodthirsty Islamists.  Does any sober American really want to see what comes of that?

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