US Troops: “Boots on the Ground” in Turkey

The following article is from a Turkish source and obviously a cover-up for the US (CIA-State Dept.) directed war against the Christians and secular Arabs in Syria.

Please see: Petraeus Directing Arms-Flow to Syrian Jihadis

US deploys troops to Turkey: General

The real story behind the entire Benghazi LIES is that Stevens was consorting with Turkish envoy, trying to facilitate transfer of U.S. weapons given to Libyan rebels.

The U.S. Armed Forces recently sent soldiers to Turkey amid the incidents in Syria and the soldiers deployed in Turkey have been sharing intelligence, U.S. Army Europe Commander Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling has said, according to

“We have had a relatively few number of U.S. Army Europe personnel in Turkey recently,” the general said. “Some of that has been sharing intelligence.”

Turkey is concerned about how to handle the humanitarian crisis on its border with Syria, Hertling added.

“It’s October. What [Turkey is] very concerned about is the approach of winter, and the way they can address the humanitarian crisis on the border,” Hertling said.

If Turkey asks for corporation, American soldiers could be used in evacuation operations, the general said. “However, no request has been made yet by Turkey.”

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