Rockets Keep Coming From Gaza, We Watch Post-American Idol

Israel Under Fire

“The enemies of our nation are the Jews.”

by sheikyermami on November 6, 2012

Rockets keep coming from Gaza, not that the world notices.

(the WSJ does, for once)

As the U.S. Presidential campaign races to the finish, the Middle East continues to boil. Not that the world seems to notice. Last week, Palestinian terrorists operating from the Gaza Strip fired 21 rockets and mortars into Israel. That followed a three-day, 77-shell barrage, in which two civilians were seriously injured and thousands of people were forced into bomb shelters. More than 800 rockets and …

Amos Gilad described Morsi’s government as a ‘terrible dictatorship,’ but stressed that Israel must safeguard the peace treaty with Egypt ‘at any cost.’
After Amadinejad, the Greatest Threat to Israel is Erdogan of Turkey

… If the European Union and the United States had not urged Turkey to end the Turkish army’s role as defender of the secularity of the Turkish state, the world, and certainly Israel, would be a safer place today. This a tragic example of unintended consequences.–Story at thealgemeiner via Mullah

What Are the Stakes for Israel? 

If you listen to President Obama’s Jewish surrogates, you hear them tell you that Barack Obama is the best friend Israel ever had in the White House. According to the president’s Jewish detractors, he is one of its worst foes and his re-election could lead to its destruction. Where does the truth lie? (Part One)

Jihadists in Sinai: “Our only enemy is the Jews”  (EOZ)

The Jihad Salafi group in the Sinai is suspected of murdering a number of police officers over the weekend.  The group released a statement saying that while the police had killed a number of its members in recent weeks, they did not kill the police.The Jihad group stressed that “our weapons are directed to our enemies, and the enemies of our nation are the Jews.”It seems that many Arabs lately have been forgetting the rule that they are supposed to say “Zionists,” not “Jews.”

Robert Spencer: Can We Survive Four More Years of Obama?

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