The UN Is Not Your Friend

The United Nations: On the Brink of Becoming a World Government
Though the United Nations is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of size and scope of operations, those who claim it’s becoming a global government are ridiculed. Who’s right?

The UN: The Vision of the Founders

The UN Is NOT Your Friend

Building World Order

A Plague of Power

The UN “Reform” Bandwagon

Obama at UN, Calls for “Change … New Era of Engagement”

Obama Defends Military Intervention at UN, Calls for More

President Obama Quietly Promotes a More Powerful NATO

Framework for World Government
From the moment State Department planners in the Roosevelt administration began crafting plans for the United Nations, their goal was always the same: world government.

An Internationalist Primer
For many decades the Council on Foreign Relations has been the reservoir of this nation’s globalist “wise men” and their new world order schemes.

No Accident: The Continuing Betrayal of American Interests Is a Matter of Policy

World Government, Take Three

Globalism’s Growing Grasp

Rooting for World Government

Dropping All Pretenses About “Global Governance”

The UN’s Millennial “Mandate”

UN Politics: A Rigged Game

The UN Attack on Property

The Real Agenda Behind UN “Sustainability” Unmasked

Eco-Agenda for Planetary Control

Your Hometown & the United Nations’ Agenda 21

The United Nations’ Big Green Machine

ECO ’92: Launching Pad for International Global Governance

Sink the Law of the Sea Treaty!

Science, Politics and Death

Environmental Genocide

UN Attack on World Population

A Covenant With Death

Global ObamaCare and World Population Control

Gender Politics in Beijing

UN Takes Aim at Children

The UN Plan for Your Mental Health

UNESCO: The Global School Board

The New World Religion

World Economic Order

Bretton Woods

Salivating Over the Rich Nations’ Wealth

UN’s Marxist Plan for Global Government

UN Seeking to Tax and Control Food Markets

Global Fusion: The G20, IMF, and World Government

UN Steps Up Attack On Dollar, Calls for World Currency

UN Bureaucrats Floating Plan for Global Tax

Shaping the New World Order

The UN’s War on Firearms

Disarmament and Destruction

Toward a Global Police State

Bring on the Peacekeepers?

The NATO/UN Army: Perpetual War … and Bankruptcy for U.S.

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  1. Eric says:


    Do you have a direct email? Any chance you can email me?


  2. Eric says:

    Awesome. I appreciate it in advance.

  3. Eric says:

    Enjoying the reads by the way.

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