North Korean Nukes: Is Anyone Paying Attention?

The Flying Camel’s mind has been boggling like a Bhangra music video ever since North Korea detonated a compact nuclear weapon on February 12 2013. The response of the Obama Administration and most of the MainStreamMedia® was so muted that one could be forgiven for assuming that the test was lacking in international importance.

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said the test was “only the first response we took with maximum restraint”.

“If the United States continues to come out with hostility and complicates the situation, we will be forced to take stronger, second and third responses in consecutive steps,” it said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.

North Korea – which gave the U.S. State Department advance warning of the test – often threatens the United States and its “puppet”, South Korea, with destruction in colorful terms.

Today’s news reports are announcing “North Korea Prepares to Test Another Nuke”

Expect the United States to deliver another stern, finger wagging protest.

North Korea detonates Obama’s Iran policy

According to an unidentified source who spoke with Reuters, North Korea has informed China that it will conduct additional nuclear tests and missile launches this year. Preparations for a fourth nuclear test are said to be completed already.

According to an unidentified source who spoke with Reuters, North Korea has informed China that it will conduct additional nuclear tests and missile launches this year. Preparations for a fourth nuclear test are said to be completed already.

The detonation of a six kiloton Uranium based nuclear device by North Korea was carried out in a suspiciously close timing to “IAEA leaks” from Vienna about Iran allegedly converting some of its uranium stockpiles to fuel rods, shortly before Obama’s planned visit to the Middle-East where he is expected to discuss the Western options regarding the Iranian nuclear program – which at this point in time is mostly based on uranium enrichment facilities disguised as “peaceful nuclear energy” development.

The North Korean success in miniaturizing a uranium based device to the point that it can be installed on a ballistic missile could shuffle the cards for the Israelis and the Americans, because even a successful strike on the Iranian reactors could be overcome by simply purchasing readymade nukes from North Korea. Iran’s next phase of the nuclear project is supposed to be the heavy water reactor in Arak, scheduled to become operational later in 2013. The used fuel rods of that reactor could be easily converted to weapons grade plutonium, rendering it as dangerous as the Syrian plutonium reactor that was built jointly by North Korea and Iran for the purpose of bypassing the IAEA and using Syria as a ‘backyard storage’ for a planned strategic nuclear stockpile of the Shiite axis and its rogue pacific ally – until it was destroyed by Israel in 2007. However, the Arak plutonium reactor may not be necessary given North Korea’s test proven uranium based devices, which in the future could theoretically be installed on Iran’s planned nuclear cruise missile.

The same goes for Egypt which Scud missile systems are currently being upgraded by North Korea and where both the deposed military regime and the present Islamic regime maintain their connections with North Korea all along- despite Egypt’s dependence on American military platforms for most of its armed forces, likewise its dependence on American financial support.

It seems like the Iran-North Korea duo is playing the ‘good cop – bad cop’ game vs. the west (Iran has even made the laughable move of “condemning ” her close ally for the nuclear test) or more precisely that Washington has deliberately chosen to wag this dog in order to produce the desired result of mounting tensions in the far east as a pretext for the long planned reshuffle of the US navy from the Middle-East to the South China sea and in order to keep the petrodollar floating in this manner .

South Korea has publicly threatened a pre-emptive strike on the North following the nuclear test, but the credibility of their statement is questionable given their dependence on the American military umbrella, the vulnerability of Seoul to massive artillery salvos from the North which is located only 32 km away and the dubious results of an airstrike on an already functional military nuclear program. If Iran crosses the same threshold sometime in 2013 Israel might find itself in the corner South Korea is found right now, especially since the Ayatollahs have publicly committed themselves to the genocide of the Israelis numerous times in the recent year – despite the ostensibly absurd attempts to deny this obvious fact by controlled opposition propaganda organs known as “alternative media”.

If this present crisis was indeed engineered by Washington it could have originated from one of the following two different schools of thought:

1) Preparing public opinion to the abandonment of the military option vs. Iran, since Iran could now obtain its nukes from North Korea.  This notion is supported by this description of Middle East Defense After U.S. Drawdown and by this report: N.Korea Draws New Sanctions Threat With Third Nuclear Test

2) Preparing public opinion to increased military pressure on Iran, now that the impotence of the west vs. North Korea has proven the futility of the sanctions regime. This option seems less likely at the moment, however it remains to be seen what eventually happens.

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