U.S. Top Exporter of Islamist Leaders

U.S Now Leading Exporter of Islamist Heads of State

Ghassan Hitto: Texan

Ghassan Hitto: Texan

By Kyle Shideler:

Well the Syrian rebel factions have settled down to decide on who should be their interim Prime Minister, and shockingly the winner is a Texan (but not Rick Perry.) No, it’s Ghassan Hitto, an information technology specialist from Texas, and former CAIR employee (h/t Jihad Watch):

Mr. Hitto and his wife, Suzanne, an American schoolteacher, have four children, all born in the United States, where Mr. Hitto advocated for Muslim Americans after 9/11 as a representative of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Nor of course is Hitto alone within the Syrian rebels. Louay Safi, formerly of the Muslim Brotherhood front group, the International institute of Islamic Thought (among others) and a former advisor to the Pentagon, currently heads up the Syrian National Council’s political office. The SNC has long been understood to be one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s principle organs in Syria.

Add to that the fact that Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was recruited into the Muslim Brotherhood while attending the University of Southern California, and it looks like the United States is by far the biggest incubator for future Islamist  Heads of State.

One might also be tempted to ask how it is that individuals of little renown outside of being members of North American Muslim Brotherhood fronts so easily transition to leadership roles of Muslim Brotherhood organizations in other countries? After all, we are repeatedly (falsely) assured that there is no “Global Muslim Brotherhood”, with an international viewpoint and plan, only a disparate group of organizations under that banner, each with their on national view points and focuses.

Source: Center For Security Policy


American to Lead Syrian Jihad

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