U.S. Backed Terrorists Rape Syrian Child

From Raymond Ibrahim

Syrian Child Raped and Brutalized by Jihad

“Syrian child, tortured, raped & tortured"

“Syrian child, tortured, raped & tortured”

According to the “Largest Syrian Christian Group on Facebook,” the above is a picture of a young girl in Syria, before (L) and after (R) the U.S.-sponsored jihad reached her.  The Arabic caption along with the picture reads: “Syrian child, tortured, raped, her face disfigured at the hands of the Saudis and others from among the psychos and criminals of the revolution.”

In fact, as many as 95% of the “freedom-fighters” in Syria are foreign jihadis trying to carve out an emirate — as they always do — justified by fatwas permitting rape and other perversities in the name of jihad.  Meanwhile, it is the average, indigenous Syrians, such as this child and countless others, who suffer in silence.


Egyptians Enraged by U.S. Outreach to Muslim Brotherhood

PJ Media

In the eyes of tens of millions of Egyptians, Senators John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s recent words and deeds in Egypt—which have the “blessing” of President Obama—have unequivocally proven that U.S. leadership is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egyptian media is awash with stories of the growing anger regarding this policy.

Read the rest…. and hang your heads in shame!

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2 Responses to U.S. Backed Terrorists Rape Syrian Child

  1. Sylum says:

    You liar. Those children were murdered by the assad regime and they are not christians, they are Sunni Muslims. Your disinformation is proof that you evangelical zionist kkkristian kkkult members are supporting the regimes rape, murder, and torture of Sunni civilians in Syria. You are blaming the victims of the genocide and spreading disinformation by claiming that the Sunni children pictured are actually christian. Filthy lying evangelical kkkoward skkkum.

    • Skip Patel says:

      You must be one of the primitive Salafists who are intent on slaughtering the Christians, Alawites, Kurds etc. You have no mind of your own, just another slave to the corrupt & inbred Saudi terror machine.

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