Ilana Freedman: “Governing by Chaos”

Governing by Chaos: The Obama Legacy

The long view of history is likely to judge the Obama administration most keenly by the chaos that it has left behind in the wake of virtually every major initiative it has undertaken. Obama’s campaign promise to “fundamentally change America” was a sound-byte that American voters bought into, hoping for more equity in social programs, a more liberal approach to issues like immigration and minimum wage, and the sharing of the American dream with more people.

But for some of us, those words were a warning of great upheaval to come, as the institutions and values enshrined in America’s Constitution would be compromised, discarded, and replaced with the values of socialism and greatly expanded government controls. It did not take long for the fundamental changes to begin.

Only weeks after taking office in January 2009, the President began a series of ‘apology tours’ to four continents, where he apologized for the ‘sins’ of America against the rest of the world. The newly installed President apologized to foreign countries for America’s “arrogance” and for our being “disengaged” with our international partners. By criticizing America’s failings on the global stage, and damning the ‘exceptionalism’ that has characterized our nation since its inception, he ‘fundamentally changed’ America’s position as leader of the free world and severely damaged America’s influence on the international stage.

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