300 rockets have been fired at Israel

From start of Operation Protective Edge, 300 rockets have been fired at Israel; 220 have struck


72 Rockets Hit Israel Today

72 Rockets Hit Israel Today


Rocket hits art gallery in community in Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council
(18:52 , 07.09.14)

3 suspects arrested on suspicion of involvement in murder of Arab teen released
(18:50 , 07.09.14)

Mashaal: Abduction of three teens was a starting point
(18:40 , 07.09.14

Mashaal: Netanyahu led negotiations to an impasse and turned his back on the world
(18:34 , 07.09.14

Rocket falls in open area in Sdot Negev Regional Council
(18:23 , 07.09.14)

3 rockets fell in open areas in Merhavim Regional Council
(18:22 , 07.09.14)

Abbas: Israel committing ‘genocide’
(18:18 , 07.09.14

Government to transfer NIS 15 million to local authorities due to rocket fire
(18:16 , 07.09.14

Khaled Mashaal: Things were peaceful until Netanyahu committed all possible kinds of terrorism against our people
(18:13 , 07.09.14

Khaled Mashaal: The Europeans are offering us ‘calm for calm’, as if we started it

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