Islamic Post-America in Pictures : “We’ve Lost the Battle”

chris-christie islamThe “Beautiful People” brave the Boston Winter to Spew Hatred Against Israel

Pro Terror BostonHillary Shows Her True Colours

Hildog islamic FlagArab NYPD Support & Defend Pro-Terror Groups During Israel Day Celebrations

ProtectingtheJihad2The Most Trusted Name in Brooklyn

Halal-SignThe First Time in History “Islam is Peace” Was Declared (What a Whopper!)

Islam is PeaceFlatbush has Changed

Flatbush BrooklynWith NYPD Support and Encouragement, the Pro-Jihadis  Demonstrate their Hatred of Jews and Israel.

ProtectingtheJihad3This is a Street in The Slums of Cairo Egypt

LookslikeBrooklynThis is A Street in Muslim, Occupied Brooklyn New York

BrooklynThis is Also in Post-American Brooklyn

Our TownMore of the Muslim Takeover of Post-America

SteakHouseGet Your Abaya Today! Only $25.00

DiscountAbayaWhat can I say? I guess It’s O.K. When “We” do it.

BushAbbasDesmond Tutu With Catholic & Episcopal Bishops of Boston Dancing to Celebrate the Anticipated Destruction of Israel

Desmond 22During Israel Day Celebrations, NYPD Muslim Cops Pause to Pray

islamist_Cop New YorkFilthy Neturei Karta Scum Protest the Very Existence of the Jewish State

MoidiotasNow You Know Why We Keep Singing The Blues (in Flatbush)

Why I sing the bluesRonald Reagan International Airport: Delta Airlines…Who’s In Charge?

Reagan_Airport DeltaGood Christians Celebrate Hamas at The Old South Church in Boston

Pro- Jihad Christians BostonMadison Avenue in New York City…DON”T LOOK AT THEM!

Madison Ave. NYCrazed Terror Supporter Boston

Batshit BostonManhattan Whack-Jobs Lying About Israel

Hate Meister
Our Appeaser in Chief

Obama MuslimsF.B.I. Agents Hangin’ Out With Jamaat Al Fuqra FedsAlFuqra

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