Hezbollah’s Massive Tunnel Network

The other tunnel threat – from the North

Shhh we're diggingShhhhh! We’re Digging!

The menace of Hamas’s terror tunnels is now well-known not only in Israel, but throughout the world. During Operation Protective Edge the IDF discovered and destroyed 32 tunnels and at least twice as many shafts.

The news of all these discoveries has obscured a similarly dangerous (or even more dangerous) threat of tunnels in the north of Israel, built by Hezbollah and leading from Lebanon into Israel.  Tunnels within Lebanon were discovered and are well-known to the IDF, and were already confronted in the Second Lebanon War in 2006.  But after the discovery of the Hamas tunnels reaching far into Israel, we must assume that Hezbollah too has been using these past years to build their own terror tunnels into Israel for the same dastardly purpose.

Here is a Facebook post (via Zvi) which I have translated from Hebrew into English, and it is a terrifying must-read for all of us. The author recommends flooding the social media with any evidence and testimony that we have in order to keep this threat at the top of the national agenda, in order that the Government doesn’t ignore it like it did with the Hamas tunnels, and deals with the danger forthwith.

A female resident of Zar’it, (a city close to the northern border) said on the Dan Shilon program that for a long time now she had been hearing digging sounds under the house.

When she reported this, she and other residents of the North who were hearing drilling and excavation mainly at night were sent to take tranquilizers.

She described how she is able to see, in Lebanese territory, cement trucks and heavy construction equipment entering under greenhouses but cannot see anything being built above ground. She told how her whole house is shaking, objects are moving and falling ..

This is just one testimony amongst many others of residents and soldiers along the northern border who have been hearing  the sound of digging for years!

I personally heard many testimonies of IDF soldiers who served on the northern border, who heard excavations, who reported to their superiors and nothing was done. They have long been released!

What we went through with Hamas in Gaza is child’s play compared to what awaits us in the north with Hezbollah.

People of Israel, wake up!

We must not leave the residents of the north alone with this threat.

Hamas is the son and the student of Hezbollah when it comes to fighting methods and tunneling theory …

The tunnels in the north are much larger and much more dangerous.

What’s the matter with us? Are we afraid of confrontation? Have we closed our eyes?? If it’s quiet over there, what is not clear? They’re simply digging ..

The Israeli government is requested to act immediately to defend the northern communities, to locate tunnels in the north too, and to work on the assumption that the tunnels already exist beneath communities.

If the terrorists manage to infiltrate motorcycles and vehicles through these tunnels, this terrorism will reach the center and  anywhere else in the country in a snap .

We’re talking about a strategic threat of the highest order to security of Israeli citizens.

We have to prevent an attack from the tunnels which could be carried out any day.

Read the rest at the most excellent “Anne’s Opinions”

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