The Persecution of Iraqi Christians Didn’t Begin in 2014

I remember sitting in Tel Aviv watching the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and praying for the safety of the Iraqi Christians, some of whom were my friends. Then we saw US forces stand by as Christians were crucified and raped. Bush imposed a Sharia Constitution on a previously secular Iraqi population, and 60% of the Christian population was either murdered or fled to Syria. (I said to my friends “Next they will attack Syria &  finish off the Christians who got away, and of course that is exactly what happened)

The wave of kidnappings, bombings and assassinations following the 2003 invasion saw many of the city’s Christians flee to northern Iraq or Syria where they have lived in relative safety, until now. As a result, Iraq’s Christian community is today thought to number just 40 per cent of its pre-2003 figure, and today, in the face of the Isis assault, is on the move again.

Let’s review the plight of Iraqi Christians under US occupation in 2004

Iraqi Christians













Bush declares Islam "The Religion of Peace"

Bush declares Islam “The Religion of Peace”

Meanwhile, G.W. Bush praises Islam as “The Religion of Peace” 

(No Muslim in the history of the world had the nerve to propose such a big, whopping lie)

Bush Sword dance

Bush doing the “Sword Dance” with Saudis who perpetrated the World Trade Center Attack on 9-11-2001

Walid Save Christians

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