Obama’s Trickery: Genocide of M.E. Christians

Shelter In Place! Hagel and Dwarf General Dempsey want to invade Syria and fail to mention US warning against ME states defending themselves against ISIS (Islamic State)  The same McCain plan with a twist

The same Media that supported ISIS as “The Syrian Rebels” now have the American people in hysterics. Should we sand-bag our homes? Declare Martial Law?

SENATOR: ISIS developing plan to 'blow up' major city...
'Most dangerous position we've ever been in'...
White House: Could 'Pivot' to 9/11 Style Attack...
Law enforcement intensifying efforts to identify sympathizers...
FBI, 'Homeland Security' Warn Police To Be Alert...
GENERAL: 'Destroy Now'...
Jumped Mexican Border?

Lil’ General Dempsey Says Raiding Syria Is Key to Halting ISIS

(What could possibly go wrong?)

ISIS: Turkey’s Bastard Child

Well, just a year ago those astute warriors Itsy-Bitsy Dempsey & Juan McCain bamboozled Congress into providing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of “non-lethal” aid to their “Syrian Rebel” friends (Al -Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS, etc.) One of the first purchases with this “aid” package was a fleet of 43 Toyota “Hilux” trucks.  The Toyotas were transferred through Turkey and put to immediate use. The photo below shows the “Hilux” vehicles transporting throngs of happy ISIS (Islamic State) fighters. “Thank you America, could you send a few more?”

Thanks for the trucks  America!

Thanks for the trucks America!

Isil now ‘poses greater risk’ to West than Al Qaeda   (Say Hagel & Dempsey)

But wait! When Hagel, McCain, Dempsey & Co. entered into covert operations to provide sophisticated weaponry to the “Syrian Rebels” ISIS (The Islamic State) was known as “Al Qaeda in Iraq” but that did not deter the U.S. administration from using Qatari and Turkish proxies to funnel billions of dollars worth of equipment to the terrorist organisations.  If ISIL-ISIS-Islamic State ARE Al Qaeda,  (According to official U.S. Gov. site) then why does the Obama Administration and their loyal pack of poodles insist on misleading the public about the facts of the situation. And why we may ask, does the MainStreamMedia®  play along with this dangerous charade, with absolutely no journalistic critique of these obvious and easily proven lies?

Something is really fishy about the Obama Administration’s plan to invade Syria

U.S. Funding Genocide of Syrian Christians?

U.S. Funding Genocide of Syrian Christians?

The current U.S. proposal for intervention in Syria (and the inevitable genocide of the last Middle-Eastern Christians) is not much different from their war plans of 2011, 2012 and, 2013. Obama and his minions are still in cahoots with arch-terror sponsors Turkey and Qatar.  The U.S. still intends to train and arm the same rebel factions that have decimated the Christian population of the Middle-East, and has requested another $500M be transferred to these murderous savages. The only real difference this time around is that U.S. forces will enter Syria from Iraq, instead of the Turkish border as previously proposed.

I said this before, but it bears repeating:

“I remember sitting in Tel Aviv watching the invasion of Iraq on television in 2003.  I was praying for the safety of the Iraqi Christians, some of whom were my friends. Then we saw US forces stand by as Christians were crucified and raped. Bush imposed a Sharia Constitution on a previously secular Iraqi population, and 60% of the Christian population was either murdered or fled to Syria. (I said to my friends “Next time they will attack Syria &  finish off the Christians who got away, and of course that is exactly what is happening”)

The Islamic State is a despicable gang of Muslim savages and the must be eliminated. Expecting an administration that has expended so much time and money arming and  training these savages and their allies, to make a serious effort to destroy them, is beyond belief.

Last week I wrote “A Realist’s Plan To Eradicate ISIS (The Islamic State)”. It is a simple plan, one that spares the Christian populations from the certain genocide that a U.S. led siege would produce.

The United States Government and the Obama Administration has consistently lied about the identity and background of the Islamic State. They have covered up American involvement in the campaign to cleanse the Middle-East of Christians, Jews, and other “minorities”. This administration cannot be trusted. Do not allow the United States to be involved in the genocide of Christians. Just say “Hell no”.

Let’s help the Christians to survive instead

Assyrians and Syria's Struggle For Democracy And Freedom

Assyrians and Syria’s Struggle For Democracy And Freedom

Walid Save Christians

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  2. Obama has no intention of stopping the caliphate. Furthermore, he doesn’t give one whit about slaughtered Christians.

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