Obama’s M.E. Mission: Universal Chaos

Obama's "Republican Guard"

Obama’s “Republican Guard”

Chaos, chaos & more chaos!

Chaos, chaos & more chaos!

The abject duplicity of the Obama Administration continues unabated, and the MainStreamMedia® continues to display a cowardice and subservience to tyranny  that should shame civilised man.

For the past two months the Flying Camel has been publicising the Obama administration’s warnings and threats issued to Mid-East nations, not to defend their borders and citizens against The Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL-Al Qaeda etc. )

US warning against ME states defending themselves against ISIS (Islamic State)

Not satisfied with the lynching of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi (2012), the Obama administration, with the able assistance of their “Republican Guard” (John McCain & Lindsey Graham), continue their support of the same terror groups responsible for the Benghazi attacks. The mind boggles!

Apparently the Benghazi lynch mob have been attacked by neighbouring countries, who quite rightly, want an end to the state of anarchy in their region. Obama of course, immediately leapt to the defence of the brutal terror gangs.

U.S. Scolds Egypt, UAE for Striking Islamic Militants in Libya

The New York Times reports a Libyan story with some bizarre twists. The Islamic militant group Dawn of Libya recently seized control of the international airport in Tripoli (as I mentioned yesterday). Now we learn that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates had “secretly launched airstrikes” against the militants. In what sense were the strikes “secret”? The two Middle Eastern nations had declined to notify “Washington, leaving the Obama administration on the sidelines.” (Hasn’t Obama largely put himself on the sidelines, anyway?) The two nations “had also successfully destroyed an Islamist camp near the eastern Libyan city of Derna,” the Times reports. In any case, “United States diplomats were fuming about the airstrikes,” the Times reports; apparently they thought the strikes would undermine United Nations efforts to “broker a peaceful resolution” (because we know how successful the U.N. is at accomplishing such things). I don’t know enough about the context of the strikes or the broader conflict to know whether to cheer the strikes or condemn them; however, offhand, it seems plausible to me that Americans should take the attitude that the more third-party bombs are dropped on Islamic militants, the better.

The New York Times Article Can Be Found Here

Now the World’s Largest Collection of Terror Supporters, The United Nations, Add Their Shrill Voices in Defence of The “Militants”

Proxy War Feared in Libya as UN Envoy Warns Against Foreign Intervention 

How Hillary Clinton’s ‘smart power’ Turned Libya Into A Dumpster Fire 


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