Behind the Headlines: ISIS Threat to The United States

UN ForcesWe’ve seen the headlines: “Filipino peacekeepers make “greatest escape” from al Qaeda militants in Syria”

Nice! But our Israeli analyst Martin Weinstein  points out an easily overlooked passage in the carefully worded AP report “During the siege, the Philippine secretaries of defense and foreign affairs, along with the country’s top military brass, gathered at military headquarters in Manila to communicate with the Filipino forces and help guide them out of danger. The Syrian and Israeli governments, along with the United States and Qatar, provided support, the Philippine military said without elaborating.”

Hmmmm….  “The Syrian and Israeli governments, along with the United States and Qatar, provided support,”

Notice the deliberate grouping of anti-jihad Syria and Israel, and then separately,  arch-terror supporter Qatar with their maritime tenant, the United States.  This comes after it was revealed that Obama’s Pentagon Admits it Wants to Grow ‘Military to Military Relationship’ with Country that Supports Terrorists like the ones that Hit Pentagon.

In Post-America, where…..

Citizenship is for sale

Asylum & Refugee visas are mainly for Muslims

The Southern border remains in crisis.

 Crisis or not, American politicians are intent on legalising criminal residents, making visas even more easily obtainable by anyone, anywhere, and rolling out the red carpet to terrorists from throughout the planet.

In spite of it all, we are treated to an endless stream of media warnings.

“We are coming for you”: Extremists returning home at heart of Syria fears

Counter-terrorism officials fear attacks from Europeans and Americans who have gone to fight for extremist armies in Syria and now Iraq

The answer is simple. Crush the “Gang of Eight”. Impose an immediate ten-year moratorium on any and all “Refugee, Asylum, and Special Cases” immigration. Forbid immigration by any individuals (or family members) suspected of embracing anti-Western ideologies, especially adherents of the Islamic “faith”. Those institutions that have engaged in the proffering of graft (Lobbyists etc.) to ensure the passage of legislation detrimental to the security of the United States…..should be arrested and exhibited to the citizenry as examples of treasonous foreign agents.

To remedy the current, and grossly misleading media hysteria regarding Syria…here’s the plan:

A Realist’s Plan To Eradicate ISIS (The Islamic State)

Easy isn’t it? Unless of course Post-America is a country under occupation,  a vanquished nation.

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