New York Times: Obama’s Pravda

“To Defeat Terror, We Need the World’s Help”

New York Times
ObamaClownsJohn Kerry: The Threat of ISIS Demands a Global Coalition (Blah blah blah!)

Coalition building is hard work, but it is the best way to tackle a common enemy. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990, the first President George Bush and Secretary of State James A. Baker III did not act alone or in haste. They methodically assembled a coalition of countries whose concerted action brought a quick victory.

Extremists are defeated only when responsible nations and their peoples unite to oppose them.

“Stop Dithering, Confront ISIS” N.Y.Times

John McCain and Lindsey Graham: Confront ISIS Now

I won’t insult my readers by publishing Kerry and McCain’s drivel, I’ll just remind you of a few recent articles that featured those two clowns.

Obama's "Moderates" are killing the original Christians

Obama’s “Moderates” are killing the original Christians

(ISIS Praise For Jihad John McCain)

Here’s a plan to defeat ISIS Jihad Juan McCain…

A Realist’s Plan To Eradicate ISIS (The Islamic State)

Did McCain Meet With ISIS Press Officer Abu Mosa ?

McCain Explodes at Syrian Christians Who Describe Atrocities Committed By Rebels He Wants to Arm 

Two years ago “Al Nusra Front” led the Syrian Rebels… and claimed to be mainly moderate…New Syrian Army: Inside Jabhat al Nusra

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