African immigrants to America double every decade

Ebola chimpThis is the tip of the iceberg folks!

How many Africans from primate eating (, bushmeat smuggling (, African nations are living amongst us?

Refugee Resettlement Watch

Earlier this week, Brenda Walker at Limits to Growth posted this very interesting news about recent Census numbers involving African immigration to America.

Walker begins:

Africa-born people are currently in the news, in a bad way, given the spread of ebola to America in recent days.

As it happens, this week the Census released a 10-page report about Africans in the US: The Foreign-Born Population From Africa: 2008-2012.

It has numerous charts and tables like the map below, showing the location of national groups in the US. We now know about the 10,000 Liberians in north Texas because of the ebola flap, but there are many more of that nationality in Philadelphia.

Go to Limits to Growth to see Walker’s commentary with maps and more charts!

Which African countries are represented in your city?

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Come to think…

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One Response to African immigrants to America double every decade

  1. Skip Patel says:

    Vomiting passenger cleared of Ebola after CDC investigation at Newark Airport

    The passengers of a United Airlines flight from Brussels were quarantined over fears of the deadly virus that has already killed thousands in West Africa. Two passengers were taken to a Newark hospital for an illness that was not Ebola.

    Two passengers — a father and daughter — believed to be from Liberia were removed from the flight of 255 passengers after flying seven hours from Brussels.

    Remember folks…this counts as a flight from Brussels Belgium (Europe) and would not receive the so-called “scrutiny” that arrivals from Liberia are supposedly subjected to.

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