Discover the Covert Origins of ISIS

The Flying Camel has been trying for years, without much success, to open the North American mind to the truth of the very real threat of the Islamic State. 

ISIS, ISIIL, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda in Iraq, the “Free Syrian Army” etc., what ever is the favoured name of the hour, are all the same.   These groups have all pledged their allegiance to the Islamic State, many years and months ago.  Of course many people don’t want to hear about the involvement of American political personalities in the training, funding and meteoric rise of the Islamic State.   

Some folks won’t believe anything that wasn’t on the radio…. So below are a few radio programmes (Just click on the highlighted links to listen) for your listening pleasure. These are great interviews and well worth your time to listen.

Click on the highlighted links below to listen

CLARE LOPEZ, former CIA operations officer:

  • The importance of emphasizing the threat posed by Islamic jihad and shariah, and not simply individual terrorist groups
  • Risks from the ease with which Westerners waging jihad overseas can re-enter their countries of origin
  • Saudi King Abdullah’s warning against “Inter-Islamic Civil Strife,” which failed to address radical Islam

Walid Save Christians

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