America Embraces Ignorance of Islam

Since the attack on the World Trade Centre almost 14 years ago, clueless Americans have been on a quest to explain Islam to the Muslim world. Our politicians, media personalities and an ever growing army of self-appointed “Terrorism experts” have paraded their ignorance in front of news-cameras and across the internet as they recite their holy mantra…..“Islam is Peace”

No Muslim would seriously propose such an outrageous misrepresentation of their murderous cult, they don’t have to, they can relax as their intended victims dig their own graves.

American Ignorance of Islam Due to American Muslims

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3 Responses to America Embraces Ignorance of Islam

  1. Skip Patel says:

    Oh yeah! It’s always “Blame Bush” with people like you.

  2. pbird says:

    Yeah George was wrong. I suspect him of being a wishful thinker.

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