U.S. Backed Terrorists in Major Syrian Victory

U.S. Backed Terrorists Celebrate in Idlib

U.S. Backed Terrorists Celebrate in Idlib

We’ve rattled on about this many times before, most recently in our post: Should the U.S. Embrace A.Q. in Syria?
A very few commentators i.e. the Shoebat family, are honest and informed writers who have chosen the difficult task of fighting the ignorance of uninformed Americans with the truth about U.S. support for terrorists who are intent on committing genocide of the Christians (and Jews) of the Middle-East.  Most “Bloggers” and so-called “Experts” (Michael Totten et al ) are merely ignorant blow-hards, happy to re-write Administration hand-outs without any critical thinking or original thought. 
For the past several years we’ve suffered a succession of fools who have demanded U.S. funding for the vicious Jew hating, Christian murdering, “Moderate Rebels” in Syria.  A few brave souls such as Walid Shoebat and [Ex-CIA] Clare Lopez  have warned the public that the “Rebels” are in fact, mainly Al Qaeda or ISIS… not many listened.

Here’s the latest from the leadership that the U.S. has spent BILLIONS training and arming.

[ Salim Idris (born c. 1957) is the former Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) of the Free Syrian Army, which is the main Syrian armed opposition group. ]

Salim Idriss comes out of closet-smlAnd now we have “Breaking News” from the Jabhat al-Nusra headquarters.

Al-Qaeda affiliate claims capture of Syrian city of Idlib

Al Nusra CelebrateJabhat al-Nusra fighters and other Islamist groups are pictured tearing down statues of Bashar al-Assad in key provincial city
Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate and other Islamist fighters seized the Syrian city of Idlib on Saturday, according to a monitoring group and statements posted on supporters’ Twitter accounts.
It is the second provincial capital to fall into rebel hands, following the capture of Raqqa by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).
It was reportedly seized by a coalition of fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra – al-Qaeda’s Syrian arm – and other Islamist factions, including Ahrar al-Sham and Jund al-Aqsa, in a sign of the country’s chaotic and complex conflict.
The city had been the scene of fierce fighting for four days and its fall came as Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary-general, expressed anger and shame at the world’s failure to end four years of conflict.
Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, told AFP: “There is still a group of soldiers fighting in the security quarter of the city, but they will not be able to reverse the situation.”

The city’s position close to the highway connecting Damascus with the commercial capital Aleppo, as well as its proximity to President Bashar al-Assad’s stronghold in Latakia, makes it a key strategic prize.

Al-Nusra Front announced its victory on social media.

“Thanks be to God, the city of Idlib has been liberated,” it wrote on Twitter.

The group also posted photos of fighters in front of a government building, the city council and a police station while videos showed men tearing down posters of the president.

#NusraFront played vital role in #Idlib takeover. W/ its wide influence & support, the AQ group may possibly announce emirate in Idlib.

More than 215,000 people have been killed since anti-government protests erupted in March 2011, prompting a crackdown on foreign terror squads. Within months the demonstrations had grown into civil war.

Meanwhile, Mr Ban described his disappointment at the continuing violence.

“I confess to you my anger and my shame,” he told an Arab summit in Egypt.

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 Syrian rebel city welcomes US ambassador with roses (2011)

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