The United States of Iran

   Like the sick young traitor in Louis Malle’s film “Lacombe, Lucien” Barack Obama and his administration have revealed themselves to be as treacherous as the most loathed Collaborateurs in Vichy France. Obama and Co. shall never be trusted, even by the most evil of evil men.

DISCLAIMER: The Flying Camel does not support or endorse any Islamic nation or entity. The following article is offered as educational material to a painfully ill-informed public who has been battered by lies and dis-information regarding the Middle-East, for almost 70 years.

The United States of Iran

Obama United States of Iran

They’ve had enough. After years of suffering the love affair between the Obama Administration and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Council have finally given up on the United States.  In a world shattering change of geopolitical perception, the Obama Administration has instigated a radical and long overdue shift in Middle-Eastern alliances. Like Israel, Taiwan, Egypt, Libya and Syria, these Mid-East nations have come to realise that treaties and diplomatic “Understandings” signed with the U.S.A. are as worthless as the U.S. Constitution is to American Presidents.

In the past 25 years, the United States has spent billions of taxpayer dollars placing advanced Patriot Missile Systems throughout the region to defend Iran against an attack by Israel. All viable routes from Tel Aviv to the Iranian Republic have been secured against Israeli attack by American manned air-defence systems.

For decades the Gulf States believed American assurances that the Patriot Defence Systems were aimed exclusively against attacks by the Jewish State. Of course, this was a lie, it was a U.S. defence umbrella to intended protect the Islamic Republic.   George H.W.Bush’s 1990-91 promises to prospective “coalition” members to “deal with the Israelis” after the Gulf War were deterred by the excuse “Bush lost the election” and Clinton would not honour Bush’s commitments.  The Gulf Arabs had to swallow their pride and accept the U.S. version of things.

This time it’s different.

After all these years of senseless enmity and warfare, the major Gulf States have realised that they have more in common with Jewish Israel, than with pseudo-Christian United States. These Arab nations where aghast as they understood that Obama’s true goal was replacing Israel with Iran as America’s chief ally in the Middle East and thus enabling the Islamic Republic to develop nuclear weapons. If the United States would betray Israel so cavalierly, stabbing the Gulf Arabs in the back at Iran’s behest, would be easy.

In June 2014 the U.S. warned against Middle-Eastern states defending themselves against ISIS (Islamic State). Military and Diplomatic ties with the United States were at risk if a nation under threat by ISIS were to launch defensive strikes.

In August 2014 the headlines read: “Egypt and UAE teamed up to launch secret air strikes in Libya, enraging U.S. diplomats: officials”

When, in March 2015, during the U.S. sponsored Negotiations between The P5+1 — United States, Russia, China, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Iran, it became clear that, as an Iranian defector has revealed: ‘The U.S. Negotiating Team Was Mainly There to Speak on Iran’s Behalf” the Saudis and Egyptians decided enough was well and truly enough, and launched air operations against Iranian backed Houthi forces in the Yemen as well as U.S. backed ISIS terror squads in Libya. Saudi Arabia has said Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates – all members of the GCC – are part of their coalition to repel the Iranian expansion into the Arabian peninsula.

These are early days in the Arab defiance of America and their Iranian allies. All confidence in the U.S. Administration has vanished from the Arabian Gulf and fearing another Iraq fiasco (Iraq, has a U.S. imposed. Iran-backed, Shia government which was, prior to the US invasion in 2003, solidly in the Sunni camp) or worse, a covert American financed “Arab Spring Mk.II” which would see the current Gulf Royals lynched and and their mutilated bodies displayed to delight Tehran, followed by a volley of obscene laughter emanating from the U.S. State Dept. (See Video Below)

As a drugged-up Post-America gazes at CNN or Fox-News in their collective “Soma Stupor”,  listening to the endless parade of ageing, desk-jockey generals make pronouncements about a region they cannot hope to understand, real people are fighting real enemies (albeit U.S. “Allies” i.e. Iran) with the fate of the world at stake. If the U.S. educated Iranian nuclear engineers are allowed to carry on their quest for an “Islamic Bomb”, the entire Western world, especially what is left of the United States, risks being dragged back into the middle ages.

So turn off the cable “news-channels” America. If those retired Generals and ex-cons (i.e. Oliver North) really knew anything about the Middle-East or terrorism, they wouldn’t be on TV, and remember, any 12 year old Israeli child knows more about war and terror, than any officer in the U.S. armed forces.

shoebatIf you believe in G-d, then stop worshipping MAN and his political operatives, and help save the original Christians, the Christians of the Middle-East.

Netanyahu: Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal Worse Than Israel Feared

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