Bagged-Up “Americans” Stranded in Yemen

Besieged Yemeni City of AdenCNN has a report regarding “U.S. Citizens” stranded in Aden, Yemen.

The CNN cameras documented bagged-up women complaining about the United States as they handed their blue U.S. passports to a State Dept. worker. The State Dept. representative looked at the passports, then looked at the tiny eye-slit of the bagged up women, and waved them through to the (taxpayer funded) evacuation centre.New AmericansWhen someone tells you that “four million legal immigrants” are waiting to be welcomed into the the United States, remember, these are the faces of typical “legal immigrants”

US Citizens AdenCNN: “Muna is from Buffalo in upstate New York” (Sure she is!)

At least six men arrested by FBI for ISIS terror plot in Minneapolis and San Diego

All terrorist activities in the U.S. are rooted in the insane immigration policies imposed by our greedy lawmakers.US Citizen in Aden YemenAmerica imports their own terrorists, so stop complaining!

Hard to IDLearn more about America’s suicidal policies at:

Refugee Resettlement Watch


On The Road to Self-Destruction

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