Arab groups say Jewish contractor HIAS a big help in getting more Syrian Muslims admitted to US

Please remember that it is almost impossible for Israelis to obtain a Visa to the U.S.A., even when Apple or Microsoft want to interview them. These “Jewish groups: are greedy mercenaries with no allegiance to flag or country.

80% increase in U.S. rejections of Israeli visa requests

Coming to America 002

Refugee Resettlement Watch

I think my head is going to explode!

Why do big news outlets like the Washington Post republish such biased news from lazy reporters?

Here is an article written by Jacob Wirtschafter for Religion News Service (whatever that is) and published at the Washington Postthat leaves one very large piece of the story unreported.  And, that is that HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), as one of nine major federal resettlement contractors, has a financial stake in the decision to admit large numbers of Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees.

Mark Hetfield HIAS Doing well by doing good!

More than half of their $31 million dollar budget*** is from the federal government (you!) which pays them (BY THE HEAD) to resettle refugees.

They have every incentive to increase the number!  HIAS doesn’t focus attention on persecuted Jews and Christians/other minorities as a first priority, they help bring Somali, Iraqi and soon Syrian…

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