A Flying Camel Apology to The Mega-Clergy of Post-America

Yesterday I left a comment on the website of two good Christian souls. These fine Christians (and they really are, I suppose) were up in arms about “The United Nations purposefully denying Christians visas to enter the US”.   Well, as much as I despise the U.N. in every way possible, I do realise it is the United States that issues U.S. visas and not, that disgusting globalist society in New York and Switzerland.

My comment on the aforementioned website asked about the gaggle of extremely wealthy and highly influential “Clergy” that have assumed a position of total silence regarding the suffering and genocide of their “Brothers in Christ” when it comes to Middle-Eastern Christians.

Perhaps the mega-wealthy, mega-clergy should use their well-cultivated political clout to save a few souls? (After all, Israelis do have a policy of rescuing Jews….  and more than a few Middle-Eastern Christians as well)

The fine Christian folks have published my comment on their website.

However, noting the error of my ways…. I sincerely apologise to any of the mega-clergy I may have  offended.

Please accept this post as a gesture of reconciliation.

Harlot Pulpit2



(Margaret Archer / Chet Atkins)

Ray Stevens – 1987

Woke up this mornin’ turned on my TV set
There in livin’ color was somethin’ I can’t forget
This man was preachin’ at me.. yeah.. layin’ on the charm
Asking me for 20 with 10,000 on his arm

He wore designer clothing and a big smile on his face
Selling me salvation while they sang Amazing Grace
Asking me for money when he had all the signs of weath
Almost wrote a check out.. yeah.. but then I asked myself…

Would He wear a pinky ring, would He drive a fancy car
Would His wife wear furs and diamonds, would His dressing room have a star
If he came back tomorrow there’s something I’d like to know
Would Jesus wear a rolex on His television show

Would Jesus be political if he came back to earth
Have his second home in Palm Springs.. yeah.. but try to hide his worth
Take money from those poor folks when He comes back again
And admit He’s talked to all those preachers who said they’d been-a talking to Him

Would He wear a pinky ring, would He drive a fancy car
Would His wife wear furs and diamonds, would His dressing room have a star
If he came back tomorrow there’s something I’d like to know
Could ya tell me – Would Jesus wear a rolex
Would Jesus wear a rolex
Would Jesus wear a rolex on His television show
Would Jesus wear a rolex on His television show

Chrislam Update: “Harlots In The Pulpit”

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1 Response to A Flying Camel Apology to The Mega-Clergy of Post-America

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Actually, I like the comments. Jesus, per the Holy Bible, had five brothers and a sister. Mary Magdelyne, in Aramaic, was not a prostitute but an inn keeper/servant. Jesus, today, the name would be Jesse. His last name “Son of David”, would be Davidson. Jesse Davidson. His trade skill was a construction carpenter, and accurately, he would be closer to a carpenter on “an old house” program on television, and maybe wear a beard (in winter), and plaid flannel shirts, and a toolbelt. When the Romans had done the crucifiction, they would bring the mother and wife close to look and see as a warning to other children that may rise up, that the same will be done to them. Magdelyne, was said to be carrying a child. Jesus’ child. That is why she was brought to the scene and was the first at the tomb. Jesus a rabbi, knew everything a rabbi of today knows, as Talmud is passed from father-to-son, generation-to-generation, faithfully. Old Testament, only 41 words in dispute as they were not yet invented. New Testament, over 1,000 words in dispute and continued in dispute. Here is where things get dicey: According to accounts, the Knights Templar, from tangible evidence obtained in Israel, give the account of, Jusus, when taken arrested and taken away, was beaten but, the wine, back then, the Romans laced with opiates (heroin). Jesus, was stoned (high) when beaten. When hanged upon the cross, a believer, was the one inserting the spikes, and main arteries were missed. The hysop sponge with vinegar, was said to also have opiate. Jesus passed out. The guard, another believer, takes his lance, and subsequent to the beating received, had a large water boil over his rib cage. The guard passed the lancehead sideways, and water gushed out. The guard proclaimed that no blood came out, only water, indicating Jesus was dead. Lung hits, blood comes out bright red if alive, water, if dead. The Sabbath was approarching and Jesus is removed from the cross. Are you following so far? Jesus is placed in Joseph of Aramathia’s (a believer) tomb, as a borrowed grave. Women rub herbs and spices, preparing the burial as kosher. In a drugged stupor, two days later, Jesus, painfully SITS UP, alive. He goes to the window port that is there to allow putrifaction odor escape, and Jesus looks at the hill, there are the guards milling about, and three crosses. Jesus, “speaks Sicilian”, by making a fist and punching it forward while his other hand stops the arm at the bicep [“UP YOUR SISTER’S ‘TAILPIPE'”], then leaves the tomb, walking. Events later of him are reported. Now, Jesus and Magdelyne, leave by boat (Peter arranged it? The fishing captain?), and head off to Europe. The seas are mild and calm, they reportedly went around Gibraltar, then France. Jesus worked as a housebuilder and there are reports of that. Symobology, Jesus, is a White 5-point star. Magdelyne, a Blue 5-point star. When together, symbol of, white 5-point star with inverted blue 5-point star behind the white star. That is all over Europe. Templars list a line of “Star” villages where Jesus and Magdelyne, either lived or traveled. The Vatican, trying to push their corrupted version, has no choice but declare Magdelyne a saint, and what, a “prostitute” a saint? Never. It is the crack in the “case”. The 5-point star evermore, a symbol of sailors who pray to God, not Jesus, but Hashem, also known as the Lord God Almighty, for calm waters and nice sailing weather. Houses and buildings with the “Mariner” star, were believers that Magdelyne was Jesus’ wife, as in Hebrew a man is not a man until he takes a wife and they are one flesh. Agreed? Exactly so. A female child was born, and I recall, two male children born. It is NOT a royal lineage as, we believe in God, not earthly kings. So by faith, it continues by Templars that long strings, six in count, white color, are doubled over to form twelve strands proclaiming the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Two blue knots, are added to pray when the sky starts to turn blue, and when the blue sky pales to evening. The story of Jesus, is a magnificent account of victory over an enemy that tried to kill him, and remember, it was a different world socially and politically back then. Christians, the name assumed in 3 C.E., are Jews on high octane, but today, live more of a gutteral life apart from the original. Jews are the tap roots of the tree, Christianity, the branches, as the Bible states. So, a tree that does not honor the roots, received no water of life, and dies slowly and horribly. I was thrown out of a church and “accused” of being a Jew, when I asked a rabbinical question before a congregation, “How can you love the rabbi, if you do not love the rabbi’s ways?” [We are all Jews]. It is in our best interest to stick together as “cousins”. One family of believers in God (Hashem). The pope, goes with a very bad history. Only Pope John Paul-II was the best pope and brought people to God. This new pope is a dangerous person. So, we have it, Jesus today, maybe a wedding band, as Jacob pledged his fidelity to Leah, but doubtful if a watch or maybe a watch on sale that a common working man would wear. Maybe a pick-up truck. Most likely, a house, full of (his own) kids. Not the televangilist stuff. Not the pope’s stuff. Only humble stuff. As far as the Templars go, let’s leave it at, I have my informational sources. Good article and good author comment that reflects thinking. I am honored to post it.

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