The CIA: “Fraternity Boys With Guns & No Honour”

The Flying Camel has over a half-century of great relations with law enforcement on several continents.  These relationships run family deep and commitment strong.

I must qualify the above statement by expressing our outright disdain for juiced-up psychopaths who use their position for evil and criminal acts.

America has deluded itself into worshiping drug-running garbage like Oliver North. I despise greedy mercenaries such as North and his benefactors in high office.

On the other hand….. I am comforted by knowing that there are people like Michael Levine, a fearless Bronx native who is the most decorated agent ever to serve in the DEA.

Being from the Bronx, Levine doesn’t scare easily and he is certainly not intimidated by nasty creatures such as Oliver North and his many slimy comrades.

Please watch the videos below and afterwards, let me know how much you trust your government and it’s rogue agencies! (And may G-d bless Mike Levine)



Michael Levine’s Triangle of Death, now available in eBook format!

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