The Truth Revealed: “Gun Control By Population Replacement”

This morning on CNN, the resident ding bat Alisyn Camerota interviewed Donald Trump and took him to task for his assertion that Obama and the Democrats “want to take your guns”.  Camerota became angry at the leading Republican candidate and kept repeating “nobody wants to take your guns”!!

Alisyn is a liar at best and more realistically, an un-registered lobbyist for the anti-Constitution crowd.

The Washington Post in a rare experiment with the truth published an article that not only reveals the truth about the anti-2nd Amendment campaign but also confirms our worse fears about the immigration policies of Barack Hussein Obama, his predecessors and almost all of the current candidates for United States President.

The goal of both the Republican and Democratic parties is “Population replacement”.

In with the Third World and start the elimination of what Wa-Po calls: “white, rural and relatively less educated voters.”

If you care about these United States and the original intent and purpose of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, pass this information on to as many citizens you possibly can.

The cat is out of the bag!

Click on the screen grab below to view the original article

Less white less guns- Prnt


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