They Sacrificed Their Lives for Obama’s “Refugees”

Gave their lives for RefugeesFBI Has Nearly 1,000 Active ISIS Probes Inside U.S

Obama Turkey-sml“It’s Going To Take Years”: US Air Force Calls For Ground Troops To “Occupy And Govern” Iraq, Syria

Stop Obamas fraudPentagon Program to Train Syrians Cost $2 Million Per Fighter, Report Says

Massacre in ParisKerry on Fareed GPS

White House Petition: Moratorium on all Middle Eastern refugee resettlement to America; sign it!


The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates-by Mark Steyn


Obama hopes for 100,000 per year...

The Mindless Logic of Republican Foreign Policy

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3 Responses to They Sacrificed Their Lives for Obama’s “Refugees”

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  3. keith says:

    I am grateful to all sites such as this that sheds a light on whats really happening here in regard to obama administration.
    Ido not understand why there is such a disregard for americans and our saftey!
    It frightenes me that there are so manty american people agreeing with resettlement of these syrians! And have no problem housing feeding and providing whatever aide they need!
    I wonder just how they will feel when amongst this refugee group a terorist may be posing as a desperate refugee ! After all thus just happened in paris at least one of the terorist entered into france within the group of syrian refugees!
    Why are we not helping our own people here? There are homeless vets on the streets along with people who had foreclosure on their homes due to a failing economy which left people jobles and unable to pay their mortgage or property taxes.

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