The “Refugee Crisis” in Words & Pictures

We’ve all seen the headlines regarding the “Great Refugee Scam”;

SIXTH with Fake Passport Captured in Honduras...
And One in Costa Rica...
UPDATE: 47 House Dems 'Defy Obama', Vote to Halt...
Media Cheer President's Refugee Plan...
Refugees CANNOT be vetted, get 'real' docs from govt...
Coming for years, 'already at work'...

'Throngs' of illegals crossing TX border...
Six Men from Pakistan, Afghanistan Busted Entering AZ...
Mosque Meeting: 'Every One of You Are Terrorists!'

Remember that before there were 19 hijackers in planes, there were 19 terrorists embedded in America, walking our streets, watching carefully, taking our money, learning our ways, attending our schools, and they did so right under our noses.

The Flying Camel is going to simplify the situation for you!


This is not some sort of “Conspiracy theory”

Obama Supports Al QaedaThis is the hard to swallow TRUTH!

When America Kills Christians-005The USA has backed the killing of Christian, Alawite, Yazidi and Kurdish children for 10 years!


NY-City Muslim Day Parade

NY-City Muslim Day Parade

New York celebrates the abuse of Arab women during Muslim Day
America Prefers Terrorist children

While American children sleep on streets, the U.S. demands the importation of Jihadist kids! 


Syrian Scouts Impose Wahhabism“Kill the secular” is the American War Cry


Killer kid approvedSoon, Allah willing, these will be role models for American kids

Approved terroristsVisas are not issued to Syrian Christians, Alawites or Secularists.
Listen and Obey-approvedAmerica Loves the Children of Jihad
More killer kids approvedSoon Jihadist Children will Rule the USA

Three Terrorists Approved“These families are running for their lives” (Chris Cuomo-CBS News)

Visa for Terrorists smlThe Flourishing Black Market in Syrian Passports


Only Five Syrian Christians Admitted to U.S. Since October



Christians make up 10 percent of Syrian population, 1.6 percent of refugees


John McCain Supports TerrorismAmerica!!!


You should be ashamed of yourselves!


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