Vote Hillary to “Rule The World”

Hildog MurdererWe know the  American public have been beaten down and demoralised to the point of accepting their lot as a vanquished nation living under Corporate-Fascist occupation, and we have long suspected that the U.S. regime’s lap-dog E.U. loyalists have followed suit. With nothing to fear from the peasantry, U.K. sycophants have confirmed our most cynical suspicions.

The Guardian U.K. newspaper has published an editorial that reveals to truth about the “New World Order” and  spineless creatures who have accepted it,

“The choice of the next US president is now so stark that it’s time the left put aside its sneers and pray that this strong woman will get to rule the world”

Guardian Hillary Rule the WorldWTF???? We’ve known all about this for decades…….but no major “Newspaper” or media outlet has felt the time was right to actually put it in print!

Rule the worldThere you have it folks. The U.K. (and E.U.) have joined the Americans in celebrating a life of slavery under the brutal, war-mongering rule of the Clinton Dynasty!

Samuel Adams (Look him up…if you dare!) warned us about making the wrong choices over 200 years ago.

Choose slaveryGermans voted for Hitler, Cambodians for Pol Pot and pathetic, spineless Americans, urged on by their European cousins…..have accepted a future that would  embarrass even the most dedicated Nazis.

Lady Death VoteIn the near future we shouldn’t be surprised to see Americans and their European (&U.K.) comrades decked out in loose-fitting peasant garb and shaved heads. They will love it!

Sheeple messageWhy you hate hillary

Hillary’s TRUE “constituency” is her donors…those Corporate Fascists who have backed her and the Clinton Dynasty from the very beginning.

Hillary DonorsAmericans fear their “Leaders”  more than they fear terrorism or nuclear war. They are obviously aware that theirs is an Orwellian future that George Orwell even in his worst nightmare, could never have imagined.

Benghazi-GateIndict HillaryFarewell America…..enjoy the future you have crafted by your own dumbed-down, drugged up selves.

“May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
― Samuel Adams

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